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Becky H

Hello!!! I love this post (and all of them - let's be honest). I just got a Nikon D5100 (my first DSLR) and am now looking at lenses. Can I ask what lens you were using for these?


Love that verse, so often we get lost in our troubles and forget about Him, thanks for sharing it was just what I needed tonight.


Amen, Sister.


Great post! God is at work through you and your beautiful family!


beautiful pictures. and can I just say, I so needed to read that last part. we are having some very tough times here, and that spoke to me like nothing else. thank you.

Meagan Davenport

Zoh my goodness, Karen ... I am reading "Son of Neptune" right now. Is Coley reading the series? "Son of Neptune" is pretty dang fantastic so far - almost done w/ it. :)

mandy friend

i am cracking up because i just recently learned of ross's total infactuation with twilight...not sure why i find it funny? but i do:) isn't it amazing how the Lord gives You what you simply hadn't asked for yet? <3 blessings.


I was wondering what lens you used in the bookstore too, and how you manage to get good shots of your kids in public vs. "Mommmmm...."?


Ross is so funny. I'm glad he's there for you, Nellie. And It's funny how God gives us just the perfect scripture when we're troubled, as if to say, "I've got worries." HE'S always there for you too! :)

And you too, Josh Downs! God has never left your side since you left home!!! Thank You for the sacrifice your making for your family and your country!!! Hope it's not too bad over there.


Isn't that just like God to already be working on option #4 before we even realize we needed it? I'm so inspired by how you and your family are dealing with Josh Downs' deployment. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to of your posts.

ps - Ross is such a great big brother, and you're a good mom. :)


I love the Ross still hangs out with the kids!
Did you ask permission to shoot in the store? I've always wanted to do that, but have been too scared.


love the pics in Barnes and nobo :) can you post again what you use to set your custom white balance???


Wonderful verse... thank you. :) Going to Barnes & Nobles was such a big deal to me growing up. We weren't able to do it often, but it was such a gift!

Janie La Pierre

That is your favorite place! You were in front of me on line Mother's Day...
It's my fav too, and I always take company from out of town there.


I LOVE your blog and spent the last week scrolling through every last post... Stalker, I know! And I love your little blended goWageous family! I so wanna take ur class... I have a photography business and I lve it but I am so interested in mastering everyday pics and yours are the best!!!

The worst part about spending hours reading previous post after previous post is that when you're done you have to wait a whole day for a new


Love the BN pics!! Ross cracks me nice to see that my "adult" children aren't the only ones who do anything but smile for pictures. LOL!
BTW awesome verse !!


Treasures......of gold! Your children, your family, your talent, and you!


I just think that Courtney is such a pretty dark haired girl - a couple of the single shots are really amazing. All the kids are cute at different times and Courtney just looks so sweet.

Lisa G

I am certain your Josh Downs adores seeing this family outing, probably makes his heart sing so many miles away. And we all are grateful for his service and for both of your sacrifices. Love that closeup of Courtney and her dark eyes...were you shooting that one from the ground looking up?

Also, straight up made my day when you left a comment today...maybe my entire year!


Gorgeous photos as always of course. LoveLoveLove that scripture. We all need to be reminded of that, so thanks alot for sharing! :)


You have NO idea how much I needed that scripture today. Thank you for posting it!


Love the pictures and the scripture. I actually have that scripture on my desk to look at everyday to balance me out when things get rough.


What a powerful scripture. God knows what He is doing. We just forget that sometimes.


I'm going to guess that Mr. Ross is the coolest big bro ever. That's what I see clearly coming through your pictures.


love the bookstore photos--especially the ones of the Dr. Suess books---they are my all time favorite--
and my son has that same winnie the pooh book that Annie chose


#1. Thanks for the scripture. It's exactly what I needed to hear tonight! #2. Courtney Lee has the most beautiful eyes!

 ♥ Debbie

I think it's so cool that Ross still hangs out with all of you!! Perfect timing for posting this verse...I needed to read these words today!


karen...your posts make my day! i think that you are just about the coolest girl ever!

Carmen King

One of the greatest gifts that followers of Jesus Christ are given is that of perspective. It's such a tremendous thing we have to know that this isn't all there is and that what we endure here and now will work for us and our eternal gain. We just have to stay in the Scriptures and on our knees so that we don't forget. The gospel of Jesus Christ can reach deeply into every area of our life, not just the one we look forward to with hope.


Great verse Karen - We have a verse a week written on a chalkboard in our toilet - that one I think may be next weeks!

This week is "why do you call me Lord lord and do not do what I say" Luke 6:46


Great day ))))) such perfectly bright and colourful picures))))

jersey Girl Anne

I sure needed that scripture this morning and I am going to share it with my ladies group tonight at church!

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