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Jona Panesa

lovely photos!!! courtney is really funny!

Shauna Thompson

So I just clicked through your past archives of pumpkin pictures for photo ideas. I couldn't get over how much your kids have changed over the years. SOOO then I went back through MY past pictures and can't believe how much my kids have changed. I'm sitting here sad now, realizing that my kids are growing up. :(

Kirsten J

Omigosh - look at your big boy! When did Ross turn into a man!??!?! Excellent photos, as usual, Missy...hang in there, you're doing fine. Are we counting down to when Josh returns?


And I know your post will bring a smile to his face....darling photos, and the light is just you work your magic. Have a good week.


I think Ross totally Rocks for joining you!! The other kiddo's really seemed to love having him along as I am sure you did too:)!!! The shots are great and love Coles arm around Courtney. Sometimes our kids do amaze us don't they. I'm sure Josh is pretty darn proud of you right now! You are doing amazing things for your family and you are all making huge sacrifices for us all. Thank you!!

Kim S.

wow. do you ever take a BAD phot? beautiful light, beautiful family. Hang in're making everyone proud.


You have a lovely family Karen! I love the photo of Annie giddy with excitement over getting her quarter. Courtney Lee is adorable in that painted board. Coley is so adorable letting his guard down even for one photo and wrapping his arms around Courtney Lee. And Ross is just so sweet to join you in this annual tradition. You are so blessed. And I'm sure, if Josh is reading your post, that he knows how blessed you all are to have each other.

Jenny Meyerson

The color in the pictures is making me drool. The vibrant purple of Annie's sweater and all of the fall yumminess. Perfection. The only thing that would make it better is if your Josh was there with you guys.
You are doing a bang up job of taking care of your family. Keep it up. And your other posts with your family pictures and the movie review just touched my heart. Blessings to you all and let know Coley know that I'm going to take his advice and check out the movie.

jennifer Camplin

Lovely snapshots as always..

glad Ross could tag along w you all!


Robyn :)

Hang in there Josh!

Your kiddos crack me up :) Beautiful pictures.

libbi moore

I so look forward to your yearly pumpkin patch post. It's fun going thru your archives and seeing how much your kids have grown. My kids and I are going to seven oaks this Saturday and I can hardly wait. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather cooperates. I want you to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers while josh has been gone. Hang in there Karen. You have so many people out there who love you and support you.

Ps. Loving your class and can't wait to play in AV mode more often. So much of this and everything you are teaching is finally starting to click.

Thank you so much for everything you do.

Libbi Moore


Your blog brings a tear and a smile every time I read it. I grew up with a Marine for a dad, but fortunately was too young to remember much of his two times in Vietnam.

The pictures of the two of you together in the previous post were just amazing. Just amazing. Your love really showed.

Hang in there.


Awesome photos! Praying for Josh and your family - hope things start looking up soon! :) Thank you again for your sacrifice and service!


I'm hoping that it will stop raining long enough to get my kids to the patch this year!

Diane W.

We just took the boys to Seven Oaks yesterday. They painted pumpkins too. I'm still working on my pics, love to see yours - beautiful as always!

Ann Grounds

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shot of you and the kids! That's my favorite of the bunch as I bet it is Josh Downs' favorite!


I always enjoy your pumpkin patch photos---tht's one our family's favorite activites too!
LOVE the photo of Courtney Lee with the painted cut outs!---Too cute!


Karen...your family is truly amazing and I find your blog a true blessing! I pray that God continues to bless all of you!!!

I signed up for your online class over three years ago but due to my father in law's failing health, never did get to participate during the class...but printed up all of the lessons and now three years later, am ready to dive in to what I missed!

Quick question....where did you get Annie's sweater?!?

Thank you for sharing all of you and your family....the good, the not so good, and everything in between! It's because of you that I am trying to be the best mom I can be...and am going to hopefully learn soon how to be a better photographer!

Our 'baby' has her kindergarten field trip to a pumpkin patch next week...can't wait to take pictures but know they won't be as incredible as yours!

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