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gorgeous -- as always. all of your kids look so happy. :) hope you all have a happy halloween!!

Denise Medeiros

Wishing you a very happy halloween! It looks like you are doing a pretty darn good job so far! (((HUGS)))


I love the photos and that broom stick (stick ha, get it) is awesome....Annie is so much like Sienna, always got that mouth open for pictures...making funny faces. Beautiful memories...

Corrine A.

I'm sorry your family has to be separated during the holidays...hopefully that will make the homecoming all the sweeter! My nephew and his family always have a "Holiday Party" when he comes home from his tours to celebrate the holidays he was away. I'm saying some prayers and crossing all the parts that cross that Josh Downs will be home where he belongs sooner than you think.

 ♥ Debbie

You have such amazing Fall colors in your yard! Courtney's pumpkin has the biggest stem I've ever seen!! Annie cracks me up! Really great photos!! Sorry your family has to spend this time apart, but thankful you can all stay connected through your blog and the aid of various technology. Happy Halloween!


Wow Karen! Now that's what I call GOOD orange!!!! Fantastic colours all round. Lovely stories going on.


Love Corrine's idea of celebrating all the holidays you missed when he comes home. I think about you all often and wish you didn't have to be apart, but I'm grateful for your sacrifices. Shindand has gotten so big! (And it goes without saying that the photos are perfect.)

Gina f.

Such pretty pictures with nice fall colors for the background. Nogales who made me laugh more... Annie or Courtney. Have a great week!!

I love your kiddos! They crack me up :) I love your photographes... makes me want to hop in the car and hear your way. Have a fun and safe Halloween.

*head your way!!! LOL

teresa b

Looks like loads of fun!!


I love the happy pumpkin...:) And Karen, I feel you! I'm in the same boat (with hubby in Afghanistan, mine left about the same time as Josh Downs) and the holidays just won't be the same. Although I don't wish this upon anyone, I am thankful for your blog and your sharing, because even though I don't know you, it helps to know you are not alone. Thanks and blessings to you all:)


great shots karen...thinking and praying for you and yours while your sweetie is away!


Love that stem on Courtney's pumpkin!!!! Also, love that witches broom. They all did a great job and you are too Karen...hang in there my friend!

Heidi Bork

Love the bat hat!! LOL!


How long will Josh Downs be away? Too long in your opinion, I'm sure. Sorry and thankful for y'all.

(You have us too, Nellie! ;)


I like how Annie is all done with her pumpkin and playing around while the other 2 are still going at it!
Love that stem on Courtney Lee's pumpkin too. And what a cool Robot!

Robyn Clark

You all could come to our house for Thanksgiving..... :) Take that as an invite Karen. We'd love it! ♥


Your pictures are amazing Karen! I'm LOVING your class! and you are an amazing woman too...thanks for sharing your challenges :)


All of your kids are beautiful, but that little Annie is soooo stinkin' cute! Just wanted to let you know :)

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