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teresa b

She's so cute!!hahaha


Omgosh! What is it she wants? I'll give it to her!


Karen, that girl is "workin it" BIG TIME..... little bugger...


Oh my goodness, look at that face!! Love those big brown eyes of Annie's - you could get lost in those beauties. Karen I hope you're feeling better soon, hang in there.

Josh Downs - If you're reading this, thank you! thank you! thank you! for your service!

Jona Panesa

she really is so cute and that beg is surely powerful!

Kerri Boggess

I love your blog and your class! Thank you so much! With the holidays coming up, I was curious if there was anything Josh or anyone else where he is at needs anything. I do not know anyone serving, but would love to send some thank you packages! Thank you for any ideas. I am sure you don't want to post an address on your site, but surely there is a secure way to get that information out. Maybe an email to past students?
Josh Downs-if your reading this, thank you! thank you! from me too!


Hang in there...this too shall pass!

diane herman

hugs from OZ
and yeah...let her have it ;)

Ann S

I could never resist that face! Hope you're feeling better soon! Keeping you all in my prayers!


She is such a cutie!! Hang in there my friend! xoxox

Elizabeth Woodford

I am so thrilled to meet you!! Susan sent me and I am so very glad that she did!! Your photos are spectacular and I must say you ahve fabulous subjects in your kids!! Annie is a hoot ! I too love that Hat- what Mom wouldn't. She sure knows that she is magic in front of a camera!!!! hope that you are feeling better. I will be back often!!

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