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Lorraine M.

This one is my new fave.


saw a headline that all troops will be home by the end of the year... if its true... ain't that good news!!! love your blog!! God Bless you and your family!! smooch!!


Karen, you had me laughing out loud at this story! I could so see myself doing something like that. :-)

Stacey H

Ha I want to hear this same story from Josh Downs...LOL.

You crack me up and make my eyes water all in the same post!

Thank you so much for keeping it real! Now tell you sister to hide that hide a key in a new location!



Had to laugh at the visual of you outside trying to climb the fence :)
How blessed are we to have the technology to be able to communicate overseas like this? I can't imagine what it would have been like years ago with a loved one in the military having to wait for letters...


Oh goodness this had me laughing and feeling panic at the same time!! I think you need a key of your own!! Great song....I love ColdPlay!


This post made me cry. Be safe Josh! Praying for you and your family everyday! Thank you for the sacrifice you are making so I can sit safely in my office, reading your beautiful wife's blog!

Hugs and prayers!

you crack me up!


I bought that song the other day. Love it. I think you must have McGuyver in you.


Omgoodnes! What an adventure! Glad you made it back in safe and sound!

mandy friend

<3 coldplay:) and soooo something i'd do;)


Amazing...what a story. I gasped out loud when I read that you were indeed locked out! ,I adore the skype photo with your picture in the screen, somehow seeing you together made me feel like you two were together! Dang how can you look SO cute after going through all that in the rain.


You have me laughing out loud! Are you going to the OSU vs. WSU game this weekend??? I was supposed to be there but I have sick kiddos. :(



I have been reading your blog for years, literally, and have NEvER left a comment. But today I just want to say how sad but happy at the same time that your posts make me. I feel like you're my friend and I've never even met you and I love your blog. I can't wait to hear about another skyping adventure with Josh.

Dawn S

This email is hysterical and heartbreaking all at be same time. I don't even know you guys and I want to know when Josh is coming home already...


Love this post and all it's honesty, humor and for you just being you and sharing with us all. It's just such a "karen" story and that's what I love about it. Glad you were able to get to him and not leave him worried. I guess breaking the glass and having to pay for it would have been the worse thing.
Hope your weekend is great, and if there are no kiddo's in this weekend, good for you:) You deserve a break!!

Jennifer S

O.My.Goodness. Thank you for sharing this with us! You must have been so stressed out! But it makes a funny story. You are awesome, Karen, and Josh too! And I love Coldplay!

If I didn't 'know' you thru your posts and blog, I would think this was a comedy scene from a tv show.....maybe Modern Family.....

Your posts always evoke emotion for me. Thank you .....especially for the funny everyday day posts.



Hahahha thats really funny! Sounds like something I would do. Actually it makes me feel better about all the things I do! I can just imagine your sisters reaction. Your relationship with Josh is just too cute. And I totally want to see "the" shirt now!


OH Karen Russell you make me laugh and cry all at once.....

Love you'

Lisa travel to Seattle to visit should teach a workshop here! That would be so great!

Janie La Pierre

Oh, my poor thing.

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