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love these so much!! so so so much


Your family makes my heart swell with happiness:) Such joy shown through all these shots. Love em ALL!! My heart aches though for how much you must be missing Josh. Sending prayers your way and his. God Bless you all!XX


Beautiful! So natural!

Desiree Chandler

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! you make my heart hurt too :( Hurry home Josh Downs!

Michelle Adams

The 2nd one and the one with Annie playing with your hair slayed me!!! Beautiful photos!!! Now - blow some up big and get them on your walls!!!!!!

Brianne N.

Karen, your family is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE these shots! Thank you SO much for sharing these! You are in my prayers!


She did a wonderful job capturing your beautiful family!!


She did a wonderful job capturing beautiful family!!


Love these! She did a great job!


Lovely, precious photos.


Stunning! The third one, with your head on Josh's shoulder, is exquisite.

Nancy Wyatt

Love these!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

Sam F

Fantastic photos! Absolutely beautiful.


Just beautiful--the photos and your family. LOVE that you had photos taken alone with each kid.

Theresa S.

so beautiful!


These photos are so beautiful! I especially love the ones of you and Josh Downs.


These are gorgeous!!! You have a beautiful family!


Wow ... your family is beautiful!! I know you have a blended family, but HOLY COW the kids look alike.


Karen...your family photos are just beautiful!! I love them all!!


beautiful pictures of a beautiful family

cheryl o

wow! these are gorgeous. love them.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm over the moon for you guys!


I am going to have to stop reading your blog! I cry every time...Okay, let me be honest...nothing could keep me from reading it. Love these so much. She is an amazing photographer. You can tell from what she wrote you that she shoots from the heart. What a gift she gave you, and what a gift she has.


Each of these put a huge smile on my face... such treasures!

Kelly C

Absolutely beautiful! Love the casualness of them all. Each one is better then the next, and such killer lighting to top it off. Just perfect..


Beautiful pictures!!!


What a great friend to have! Love these so much.

Patty Hetrick

Karen, you are truly beautiful. No need for lots of makeup or a flashy hairdo (although I do love how you did your hair), just your gleaming smile! I love all the pictures. How lucky you are to have those and your gorgeous family!


All I can say is the famous quote: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Love radiates in, from and surrounds each and every member of your family!

 ♥ Debbie

Oh Karen, these are glorious!! You and your family are so beautiful...... and the love you share shines in these images!!


Wow these are all great -- each and every one. But I lovelovelove the ones of you and your hubby. How proud you must be to have these!

Stacy AUstin

I love your pictures and I also Love Tanya Webster!

anne leglise

You have a beautiful family.




What absolutely super cute adorable photos!


So glad that you finally did let someone capture you, as a family. The photos are exquisite and do your family justice. I know you will enjoy them for years to come. Thank you for sharing these.

Kaytie Yost

these photos just made my heart melt. they're so wonderful... so happy. i hope they put a huge smile on your face for years to come!

Sarah K

What gorgeous photos. Your family is lovely; you look radiant in them, and your cheekbones are amazing. :-) You have a real treausre in your family and in your friend.

Corrine A.

These pictures are stunning! The love your family shares is even more stunning! I hope Josh gets home super quick so you can all be complete again and get on with the business of being the amazing family that you are. Karen, thanks so much for sharing!


Those are the most beautiful family photos Ive ever seen. You and Josh look like you were created for each other. Ive been reading your blog since the very beginning- back in the days of twopeas-and I still love to come see whats new with you and how your family has changed and grown. I remember when Ross was 13, and now my oldest is 13. I remember when Annie was just born, and look how big she is now! She looks just like you. So weird to feel like you know someone so well, when you really dont "know" them. Thank you for sharing your life so openly with all of us (strangers) out here!

Julie in Aust.

Stunning. Beautiful. What words shall I choose...keep it about these...I see love, I see a lot of love.
Thats all...

Cori Barney

These are so great! Could you please post a hair-do tutorial? I think your hair is gorgeous and I would like to know how you do it :)
Thanks for your service Josh Downs!


Love. Love. Love these photo! You and your family are beautiful


beautiful family - but i don't think we needed to see pictures to know that. :)


Beautiful pictures!


Fabulous family photos! Was Josh wearing Beavers socks? I don't think I've ever seen him wear a non-Beavers shirt before in your photos. Thanks for sharing these with us :)

Gina f.

What beautiful photos. I love how you did individual pictures with each of your kids and then one with you and Josh with each child too. Have a great weekend!

Donna Carter

These are absolutely beautiful! We love your family too!

Please tell your wonderful hubby thanks for his service to our country!


What beautiful photos! Love that you had individual ones taken with all the kids!

Nicole Ellisn eyes are filled with tears!!!! You are beautiful.....your family is beautiful!!!!!! LOVE each and every one of your pictures!!!!!!!

Jennifer O.

Great pictures!

teresa b

Awwwhhh!! TEARS!!! Again!! Tanya Webster did a fantastic job!! Such a beautiful family Karen!!

R. Chaney

What a great job, Tanya! I think she really captured your family. Simple, fresh, beautiful!

Kim S.

love the one of you and Josh against the fence with the sunlight!! happiness just spills from all of you!


Stunning photos...stunning family :) So much love and joy captured here!!!


Tanya Webster has taken our family pictures a couple of times - thanks to you Karen! I met Tanya at Small Town Memories in St. Helens while we were at one of your classes! She is a the sweetest person, and so easy to work with! I couldn't wait to see these memories she captured for you - I knew that would be FANTASTIC!! And they are. Lucky Tanya for working with your family and lucky you for working with Tanya!


You must be thrilled with these photos. And what's even more lovely is the email you were sent to confirm that it wasn't JUST a moment in time captured - you guys obviously live and show this love in your lives. And as per usual, just sending my regular thought from across the seas that I hope you're going ok.


Karen, these photos are precious! You all look gorgeous! Love them.

Jenny Schimak

Beautiful. Just beautiful.


so beautiful Karen & family! Great job Tanya!!! I feel it fits your style perfectly. That is something hard for a photographer to do of another photographer! (make sense?) Well done!

Ashley S.

I love these! Especially the ones of you and Josh.


I am not sure why these family photos made me cry but they did! LOL! You can see how genuinely happy and real you are through the photos. Never mind the fact you are all gorgeous!

BTW, I hope by now you have received my little gift and that Josh has received his first box of cards as well! Tell him there will be more coming soon!


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family!! so nice to see your pretty face!! you and Josh make an awefully loverly couple!! and just fun to see you all hugging and loving on each other!! thank you for sharing!! just beautimous!!

Kim Rankin

I adore the pictures of your family. My eyes got all watery as I was scrolling through them. Thank you all for what you have sacrificed for our country.


Love, love, love the family guys are truly amazing!!!! Thanks so much for being an inspiration to all of us!

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