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That was awesome. I'm smiling from ear to ear watching that and thinking about the letting-go of it all.

Robyn Clark

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you! You curled around and looped your legs around the bar, ALL ON CUE! I am VERY impressed Karen! I had to watch it a few times. Now you can really use the threat about "running away to the circus", because your good at it. XOXOXO

Jill R

I think you should run away with the circus...


That is so cool!

Terry D

Awesome Karen! That looked great!


Oh Karen, that was Awesome! You brave girl you!:)


You are amazing! What a cool thing to do. You look like a pro.


That is total flying trapeze awesomeness Karen! Way to go!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Woo-hoo!! That looks like so much fun Karen!
You seriously looked like a pro!! Now if you threaten to run away with the circus, the kids better better listen :)

Diane W.

The boys and I enjoyed the awesome video, that looks like so much fun! Sure looks like you executed the move perfectly!


WOW!!! Who would've guessed there was a flying trapeze school open to the public...and as a student YOU kicked butt!!!! YAY!!! I don't think I'm coordinated enough to have done THAT!

Congrats!!! "You never know what you can do, until you try..." certainly applies here.

Heather S. in VT

AWESOMENESSS!!!!!! LOVE IT! That is just the coolest thing ever! Congrats Karen! It was so great it even forced me to comment on your blog!


Oh my goodness!!! That was AWESOME!!! (I screamed, and had to explain the whole thing to my husband, sitting across the table from me. Oops!) I want to do that! Josh Downs, if you're reading this, your wife is a total rockstar.


This TOTALLY made me a good way of course.

Jennifer S

That was sooooo cooooool!!! I was clapping right here in my seat! Good job, Karen!

Memories an colors photography

That's courageous!

Kirsten J

You should be so proud! My hands were totally sweating, watching you - wowza!

Nicole Ellisn

omg..thats you???? that was the cutest thing EVER!!! And to see you jump around in the net with pure excitement was AWESOME!!! loved it!!!! And your hair comment!! CRACKING me up!!! I feel ya! If I feel a whisker....I will pick and pick thinking that I can pull it out with my finger till I dig a hole....ugh!!!!! It's just plain cruel joke on us huh?

 ♥ Debbie

Wow Karen you rock! That looks like a blast!!


THAT was awesome...thanks for today's 2nd biggest smile ;) ...the first was provided by the Texas Rangers, of course!


you.are.amazing :)


I didn't even know one could just go do something like that! YOU ROCK!


Yes, I'm extremely proud of you... on so many accounts!


so fun!!! awesome!!! Go you!!!

Jennifer M.

How cute are you? I love it!


Super Duper WOW!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the circus has always been the Trapeze!

Julie in Aust.

Amazing Karen...totally amazing. Very inspiring...


OMG! This is on my "bucket list," Karen! Once again you inspire me to take risks..


That looks like so much fun!!! You did great! Miss Awesomeness!


That is SO fun. I did something very similar when we were in Club Med. I became a trapeze groupie and we were able to "fly" every day. Just loved it! The scariest part for me was climbing up the ladder to reach the platform. Yea...I cheered for you while I was watching the video..YEA Karen!!!


Lookat'choo go!!! you did great!! so fun!! thanks for sharing!!


Woohoo!! That is awesome!


You are AWESOME!!! I want to go!


You ROCK, Karen! : )


The best part??? Reading the comment from Josh. So awesome! I'm sure he's also happy to see you having a good time. Much deserved.


Oh my goodness! I'm so impressed. That's is so brave. I'm typing this with a big smile on my face. Well done Karen.

Laura M.

Wow, that's great. This made me really happy today!

Libbi M.

i love this video. so fun! you are definitely AWESOMENESS!!

Kim S.

I am impressed, totally! And it made me smile. Good for YOU! I'm sure Josh Downs is very proud of you!!


Oh My Gosh Karen...that was sooo cool!!!

Ok, I just looked up and saw Josh's comment and it melted my heart!! That is totally something Jeff would say ( maybe it's the" J" name...we are so blessed to have such wonderful guys!! )


Ah-mazing! You go girl!

Beth W

So cool, what an inspiration you are to face your life, on your terms, and step outside the box.And the lesson that you provide for your family and us in blogworld is great. I CAN. So proud.


You are amazing!! So brave and adventurous!!

diane herman

AWESOME!!! Funnily enough my 20 year old daughter HAS run away to join the circus!!!
Well kinda...she has taken a year off University to work at Club Med and is planning to join their circus team...


That's so cool!!! And I loooove your reaction to making it! :) You gotta be really proud of yourself!

Cindy Welch

OMG it was awesome. Looks like a lot of fun, I would have freaked out i think


Wow! you are so brave and from your expressions you had an amazing time!

misha leigh

This made me cry, You are BRAVE.

teresa b

Awwwhhh!! That was awesome!! You Rock!! OMG!! wooohooo..tears!!


When you first jumped off and started swinging, I felt sudden panic for your safety. I didn't know you had ropes attached to your belt. That was so cool. Now I want to fly to Seattle so I can do that!! You were amazing!!


WOW! I could never have done that! You are amazing and I am in even more awe now, good for you!

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