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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I am LOVING the issue as well, have only gotten to page 10 but it's GOOD STUFF!! Thanks for all the time and hard work putting it together for us!!


I just started reading it & can't wait to put what I am learning to use. Brink on the dark!

Megan Bushfield

I am a high school and college volleyball official here in Ventura CA, and last week during one of my games a young man walked in with a ukelele and started playing. We had to stop the match and escort him out of the gymnasium! It was quite humorous and all in good fun, Made me think of you :) We are 14 years Air Force stationed here at Port Hueneme. Have a WONDERFUL day Karen!!


iSigh. One of these years I'm going to get to take your photography class. :) It's on my wishlist. :D I hope you guys are doing well!

Judy Webb

That Annie is too much!!! What a wonderful model. Miss you and hope all is going well while Josh Downs is gone. I can only imagine how lonely you and family are. I am hoarding a few sheets of your beautiful papers. Miss you.


I haven't taken your class but was wondering if you'd consider selling your notes at all?
I'd be interested.


I love everything you do! Having the mp3 to save to my ipod has been a great feature. I can listen and read anywhere.


I feel the same as Sinead. Unable to get in the class, and unable to get your notes. *So sad* You helped convince Erin Cobb to make her editing techniques available for purchase, but we can't have your ideas. *I cry* Ok, ok. I'll move on...Sounds like a great opportunity for your students.


I can't wait to take your Making the Shot class!!! And the former student's pics are awesome!!!

(Nancy Boothe, you are soooooo sweet to write such a great review!!!)


I do not know who that Marilou person is, but dang she takes great photos! :) I really LOVE the Issue. You did such a great job and are an amazing teacher. It's such a gift to us.

Nancy Boothe

Hahaha. Marilou, you're a hoot!


Marilou great shot! Karen, great issue! Glad to hear the uke make it safely.


I had decided to give up on indoor photos at night, but now I have hope! I'm not quite done reading, but I'm loving this issue. And I loved the first making the shot issue too. You have a lifelong customer. I will be buying every issue you offer. I am never disappointed! Thank you!


Just downloaded the Issue and quickly skimmed through. I took your class in 2009, so it is great to see all of the updated pics of your family in this issue. Hope to have time to pour over this Issue next week...and perhaps make the leap into full Manual mode?? Thanks for everything, Karen. You have revolutionized my life.

dawn clement

don't you think that those of us who have taken your day class in person could be eligible to purchase this too? =)

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