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Just so so beautiful!! Great!


Karen, those photos are nothing but STUNNING...... she would be thrilled with them. I wish you were here in Australia and you can take photos of me and my 2 kids. You are an amazing photographer. Love the ones on the side walk with the man leaning against the tree and the one after with the bystander showing the thumbs up...hilarious. You are just toooooo gooooood. I dream of taking photos like that, and in fact I dream of being in photos like that...either way I can always dream, can't I.


Beautiful pics. That family has some great genes!!! Not to mention a wonderful personal photographer.

Kim S.

gorgeous! she's a beAuty like her sister. Praying for Josh for some comfort.


these are amazing. #4 and #10 are my faves!


Gorgeous photos (as always) and beautiful subject! Big hugs to you and your family -hope time passes by quickly for all of you.


Madi has to be thrilled with these! She's a beautiful girl and you've brought out the best of her. Now how about some post-senior, senior photos for Ross?


Madi is gorgeous! The pictures are just lovely!!

And as a faithful reader, we're keeping you guys in prayer as Josh is away. Thank you, thank you, for your sacrifice. I pray protection for him, strength/patience for you, and courage/perseverence for you both.

teresa b

Beautiful images Karen!! Great job as always!!


OMG!!!!!!! These are amazing!!! They are so unbelievably stunning I can't even pick a favorite...or two...or five. Thanks so much for sharing these...truly works of art!!

Kirsten J

Madi is just as beautiful as Cali - and I'll take that coral scarf, thankyouverymuch! And luckily....Ross has a mama with some mad photog skillz. Really, while I love the senior picture tradition and gorgeous pics I have of my son, I treasure the everyday ones so much more.


So Beautiful !!!


I was wondering if Ross and Cali were still together...


Gorgeous photos! And Maddi is beautiful. I'm sure she's crazy about the photos. Lucky girl to have such a talented photographer.


What a pretty girl--just like her sister! Great shots, Karen! I think my fave, though, is the one with that funny kiddo in the background. Too cute!

jennifer Camplin

What a beautiful sister!!

ha one pix guy popped in background. funny!


Beautiful photos of a Beautiful girl!
Love the 5th one---very unique

annette abrahamson

madi is absolutly beautiful!!! and pretty, pretty please don't take this the wrong way, is her hair color natural? and if it's not, what color does she use? i love it, it's geeeorgous :)

Robyn Clark

Two years ago, after seeing Cali's pictures, Madi expressed,"I hope Ross and Cali are together when I graduate, because Karen is the best!"
Well You ARE!!!!AND we are blessed,again! They turned out perfect! XOXOXO
P.S. Her scarf came from Forever 21
? for the hair color.. :p


She's gorgeous, just like her sister! Great job!


Wow! She looks so much like Cali!! Gorgeous images of a gorgeous young woman! Her parents are so blessed to have such beautiful photos of their girls, Karen. :)

Stacey Staceyface1 Clinton

Oh, totally love that kid in the background! HA! Madi is gorgeous! Just like her sister! How do you pick just one???? Thanks for sharing! Love it!


She looks like her Mommy Robin. :-) Very pretty

Ashley S.

Beautiful job Karen! I love the poses. You got some great shots. She is just beautiful. Those eyes are gorgeous!

 ♥ Debbie

Stunning photos! She and Cali sure do look alike, and both are so gorgeous!! Had to laugh at the guy giving the thumbs up in the background!! :)

Lynda P

Omg, this came out so pretty, wish we had senior portraits
Like that, instead of the traditional black velvet off the shoulder holding a fake rose! This lil sister is also beautiful! She kind of reminded me of Tina Yothers ( I just dated myself, lol)


Just gorgeous photos. I especially loved the photo bombed shot!


she sure does look like her sister!! and i see it was hard to stop taking pix of her!! she's just as beautiful as her sister!! thanks for sharing!!


Just beautiful Karen!! The one with the kid in the background cracks me up because my family always tries to do that when I'm taking pictures at home. Hang in there'll be home to your wonderful family before you know it. We are praying for your strength!



I also do not have senior pics of my son. He didn't want to do them in the fall and then by spring it got so busy we forgot. And then he didn;t actually graduate so he didn;t want pics to remind him It all worked out. He joined the Marines and I have that graduation picture that makes me so proud. I love your messages to Josh Downs. Tell him thanks!

Lisa M.Pace

I really wish you lived near me. I would love for you to take Ansley's senior photos. These are awesome. No maybe I wish I lived near you, you have awesome places to go to, to photograph.


OMG, those are stunning Karen! I love that pink scarf color on her. Wonderful wonderful pictures!

Janie La Pierre

Great photos! I actually saw you taking photos of her in front of the Ashland Springs Hotel while I was walking to my car after work!


They are all stunning! She is beautiful! I adore the one of the guy peeking in the background. Your comment to Josh in the end made me cry this morning.

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