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Love,love,LOVE!!! Wonderful reflection of a wonderful family, filled with LOVE!

Patty Hetrick

I got teary-eyed with the survival kit and military goggles. I always think about your family and what Josh Downs is missing out on and how it must hurt him. I cried for my family after being in a Rome a couple days so I can't imagine how he feels.
Love the picture of Coley messing up Courtney's hair and the picture of Annie with the frog. I'm not a frog person so I would've been nervous it was going to jump out onto me! Thanks for sharing!


Love these pictures...and Peanut! You did amazing with the sunlight! Gabe & I were looking at the world map in his room the other night and we made sure to give a shout out to Josh Downs! I love how you've included him in every blog post! Have a good rest of your week!

Kirsten J

aaaack!!! Could not even pick a top 10 fave pictures from these - and you made me laugh - my mom has sacks and sacks of used bow. We always joke "save the bow" - I am not telling her about birthday candles :P


I get teary eyed every time! I'm like Patty, I can't even imagine how having Josh so far away on days like birthdays must feel. I went to Calgary, from Kelowna, for a few days and cried myself to sleep every night. Mind you I was also terrified of flying home. But I still missed my family so much!
Love the goggles. I know a mountain biker that needs some!


YOur family cracks me up! They KNOW the chances of these pictures showing up in cyberspace are quite high yet they still do the craziest stuff for your camera! Thanks for blogging-I needed a good laugh today.

Many thanks for Josh's service-the family at home are heros too!


Well Karen you have managed to do it again! Brought me to tears looking at the two boys in that wonderful picture. WOW Time sure flies...Bonnie G


Thanks for sharing the sheet idea. I always wondered how you were able to get such great outdoor pics in the middle of the day!

Ashley S.

I laughed out loud when I read the caption that says, "Nice face Peanut."


Happy birthday, Coley!

You know what gets me just about every time you post pics of Ross? I think that he looks so much like Josh Downs in some of those pics. There's one (the one that goes with the caption about the can of candles) in this post that just really reminded me of Josh Downs. I know that he's not, but still...

Great photos! Looks like a fun day!

jennifer Camplin

amazing snapshots you captured!!

diane herman

artfull manipulation the sheet :)


Great idea to use a sheet! I dont know if you answer questions here, but i was wondering if you print your blog to a photobook and if so, where? How do you deal with the photo's being sized or sharpened for the web..or does that make any difference? Thanks so much!


your blog makes me LAUGH!! nice face Peanut!!! hahaha!!! thanks for posting that one!! i love dogs and that made my day!! so did the rest of the pix!! hope Coley and family had a great day!! i sure enjoyed seeing all the nice faces.


Happy Birthday Coley! I am a fan of Uncle Brad's. Everytime he is in the shots, I laugh. I wish we all had an Uncle like you have. Great family times!!


Your family is so lucky to have such wonderful photos recording their history in the making. Just beautiful, as always.

teresa b

Goodness...Coley is growing up so fast.. love the birthday boy shot!!


Wonderful pictures Karen! I am curious what lens you used to shoot these pictures? I have a 50mm 1.4 and I am looking for a new lens.

Lori Craig

Oh my goodness! I noticed Billy's coffee cup!! I have been in Eugene all this week, and I had my very first Dutch Brothers Coffee this very morning. It was delish! Thanks for the eye candy. Always in awe of your beautiful pictures. Prayers for you and Josh Downs!


That "cool dude" friend of HAVE to get more pics of him! He looks like a photo shoot just waiting for YOU to happen!!
Love your family share! I pray for you and your family and especially Josh daily!


Love that you told us about the sheet. Will use that idea myself this week. Thanks for sharing!

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