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teresa b

Based on Cole's review..I'm def going to see this movie with my family... His wisdom is well beyond some adults. Great job Karen!! He's hope for his generation...too may children today are growing up without compassion and a conscience.


I've heard great things about this movie, too, all based on some of the things that you and Cole mentioned. Great review from Cole, too! What a great kid, Karen! I think that some of the bashing comes from those who are scared to embrace the message--there are lots of popular films that have lackluster acting and a predictable plot (umm, Hangover and the like, right?), but they have popular acclaim. Something like this challenges us to be better, to do better, and that's hard for some people.

It's on my "must see" list!


Wow! What a great review! From both of you!
We watched a documentary about John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles) and it said that the movies now are about the bottom line, all for the money. Not for connecting with the audience like John's movies did and it got us thinking. Glad you found a good one that resonated with you and Cole!

Sally Davidson

Just based on Cole's review alone, I'm going to see it!

tara pollard pakosta

What a GREAT kid!!! How old is he again?
I would LOVE for my girls to meet a boy like him one day...
much love!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

What an amazing kid!! Give Cole a hug for me. He's a keeper. ;-)

Sounds like a very worthwhile movie to see! Thank you both.


I saw this movie on it's opening night, last Friday. Our church went to a local cinema and asked them if they could have an entire showcase to sell tickets to our congregation. After a week the church has sold over 200 tickets so they had to go back to the cinema to ask for a bigger showcase. Guess what that showcase sold out too ~ over 450 seats were occupied on Friday night with individuals from our church ~ talk about impact. The movie was fabulous and Cole does an awesome job with his review (so does his mother). I would pay to go see it again and again!


Just in case Cole ever decides to run for president one day, I will definitely campaign for him. :) It's people like that with integrity, faith, honesty and trust that will turn this country around. Thank you for your willingness and your son's willingness to put yourselves out there and speak truth when that is definitely frowned upon by our society.


He's sold me on this movie! I can't wait to check it out!


I saw an advance screening of Courageous last winter and LOVED it! It is a great family movie, Cole is right. And you're right, too. It is a bit predictable, but I'll admit to a couple of surprises and shocks that I didn't see coming. That said, I walked away from it missing MY dad that much more. He died in 1987, when I was 26, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. And I wish that kind of father/child relationship for everyone, and I hope my marriage is as happy and strong as my parents' was. Dad was an AWESOME role model, and luckily my mom still is. The best thing that could happen would be for families around the country to watch this movie together and use it as a model for their own, to strengthen what they already have, or to show them a path to what they could have...


Oh, and the funny thing is, the movie's being "bashed" by critics? Perhaps they should go see it with all the people who made it anywhere from #4 - #6 overall this past weekend!!!


I have seen it twice...once for a screening and once Monday night with friends! It is a great movie and message ( and I do feel the acting/storyline gets better on each movie they make). There are some REALLy funny parts in there and a few tearjerkers as well, but yes its worth the $. And although it largely speaks to fathers, I agree with you Karen that the message is a reminder to moms as well to treasure the time they have with their children...and the impact they make!


Wow! I can't believe that review came from a 10-year-old! Thanks for the review, Cole. I'm going to make sure to add this movie to my Netflix list right now so my family can watch it together when it come out.

Kerri Powell

Many thanks to both you and Cole for the reviews! While reading Cole's review I was thinking "Surely these aren't the words from a 10 year old..." WOW!!! I can't wait to go see it and look forward to doing so with my police officer hubby! I wish it were mandatory for EVERY SINGLE officer in his agency to view the movie. Those guys need Jesus so bad! We will keep praying and showing them His love in hopes that they too will come to know Him!


Wow, I love Cole's review! The movie won't probably come to the Netherlands for quite some time (if ever), but I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

tammy kay

I haven't seen it but totally plan on it! I usually don't post often but wanted to tell you how awesome that I think you are for posting more about your faith. I'm a Christian too and I think its so easy to get sucked into thinking that others don't want to hear about our faith or our God. Thank you for speaking out and I hope you continue to do so. As a fellow sister in Christ and a blogger I find it refreshing and very incouraging as well as courageous! Hugs!


Out of all the blogs in the world...yours is my favourite. Sometimes after reading your post I smile. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I get teary eyed. Thankyou for being honest and down-to-earth...opening yourself up and sharing. You (and Cole!) have been such an encouragement to me!! Blessings to you and your family!!


Thanks for the review Cole!! I can't wait to see it!

Kim C.

I have an old Canon Rebel and would like to upgrade. Im stuck between the 7D and the 5D II. I have pros and cons of both cameras swarming my head. I was wondering if you could give me a little information on what you think between these two. If anybody else has an opinion that would be great also. Thanks, Kim


Cole has quite a way with words. He's a great writer, just like his mom. :)


I've heard it's a great movie for dads and sons to see. Our Christian radio station said it's probably one men should see first by themselves....idk what they meant about that. Can't wait to see it too!


That Cole is one amazing child!

Shelly VanWormer

Your reviews reminded me of this quote I saw on a couple of friends facebook pages.

God gives us people to love and things to use, not things to love and people to use.

Robyn :)

That was a wonderful review, Cole.

Karen, I do need to disagree with you on one point. I believe there are many talented Christian actors out there(like Kirk Cameron and Kirby Heywood, to name 2) who would be willing to make a movie like this :)


I will definitely look this up and see where I might find a DVD (if already available). Wow, Cole seems so much mature than his age. You must be very proud of him. That's a wonderful review you two gave. Can't wait to see it!

Matt Beeman

Found this post and this blog from the Courageous Facebook page, ended up looking at many of your other posts and pictures. How much you love your children and your husband shows through in the pictures and how you talk about them. So nice to see a young man with character and a family that loves each other so much.

Alena H

I actually just got home from seeing this movie with 506 people from our church. We rented out a theater! I'm so glad you posted about this movie because it is a movie I think everyone should see!!! Amazing!


I love his review -- so very well said, and I haven't even seen the movie. Not sure about taking the 2 year old to see it, though. Maybe better wait for it to come out on DVD, but it sounds like a movie I would really like! Cole is such a smart little boy -- I know you are proud!


What a mature son you have. Cole sounds amazing :)


Thanks so much for this post! I am at a point in my life where I am craving good, Christian, God-driven messages, for me, for my husband and for my children. I'll definitely be seeing this movie! Please tell Cole that his review sealed the deal. (Not that I didn't appreciate yours, Karen, but man, for a child to have been moved by it like he was makes it pretty obvious to me that this is one movie not to miss!) :o)


Thanks for the comments on the movie. I have been trying to figure out if it was appropriate to take my 10 and 8 year old boys to. I was concerned about the PG-13 rating. We loved Fireproof and Facing the Giants by Sherwood and wanted to see this one too. If its still playing after Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada this weekend) we will have to get the family out to see it. Thanks for the great review and commentary on it!


and the music... LOVE that song by Casting Crowns!!! many blessings to you and your sweet cute little family Karen!!!

mandy friend

i can't wait to see it. even when there is poor acting i pay the fee to get in, if only to send hollywood the message that clean movies are more important than the crap they feed us. cole is very impressive, aiden would never be able to articulate that well...and i see the world very black and white too;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations

I REALLY want to go see this movie. And after seeing and reading Cole's wonderful review, well, I'm sold! And your family photos? Gorgeous. Really really beautiful.

Gena - MI

We saw it last Saturday. I needed Kleenex! We enjoyed the movie too!


I totally agree with Coley!! That movie was fantastic and his review was perfect. I am praying that AMERICA goes to see it-- because there are tons of people who need to re=adjust and especially dads need to stand up for family. This production company has come out with some amazing Christian movies talking about lots of topics and this one is just amazingly important!! So awesome. I am so happy when I read your blog and you share openly your faith and values. It is soooo refreshing. THis movie was also refreshing because there was no bad lanquage, no nudity, sex or dirty stuff---- probably not a movie that will be seen by tons of people soley because those things are not in it. America seems to be caught up in the DARK --instead of wholesome. I loved it and thanks for sharing Cole's thoughts. We will pray that the DAD at your house gets back where he belongs very soon.


Based on Cole's review, my dh and I went to see it. We agree with him completely:) Please thank Cole for us.

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Cole your amazing. Actually I love your look neat and presentable.

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