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Now I am crying.
Karen, your posts always touch me. You are strong and loving and wonderful - and it's all so real in a life's messy kind of way! Hope that's not too gushy or weird considering I have only met you in a class one time!


I love each and every one of your posts! Thanks, Josh Downs, for all you do for our country.

Kathy C.

Oh man..I'm sitting here at work CRYING my eyes out...that awesome lady for paying the shipment...LOVE moments like that!!! :) Hopefully someday you & her will meet up again and you can give her a big ol' hug to thank her!

OUCH on Josh Downs' unfortunate nailgun incident... :(

Big Hugs to you Karen! :)

karen eyink

OMG, he has really learned from you, capturing everything. OUCH...

karen eyink

ps. the last photo got me verklempt.
Love the random acts of kindness and Skype

Yvonne C

Oh my gosh! That is just one of the sweetest stories ever! Maybe you will run into her again someday.....maybe at the post office.
Yikes on the thumb/nail pictures. I was eatting my lunch and got a little queasy....had to hurry past that last pic!
Thanks for always sharing your great stories with all of us.


We have a group of women in Fairfield, CT. They are called Project from the Heart. They are retired policemen's wives who pack up packages for the military weekly and send them all over the world but mostly Afghanistan. Our church collects money for postage and everyone donates toiletries, hard candy, etc. This past Memorial day, my daughter's third grade class made cards for the troops and the lovely ladies included them in the boxes they were sending out. I hope Josh and his friends get a package from our group of "mother-hens".
God Bless Josh and all of our troops!!!


Karen, this post made me awesome to encounter such a kind person! Hope Josh Downs' hand is okay :)

kelly b

Karen, your journey of faith is an amazing one and I am thankful that you share it. God bless you, your family, EVERY military family, and EVERY man and woman that puts their life on the line for our country. Thank you.

Katie Hughes

Although my husband is not deployed right now, I have been in your shoes. My husband left on a 6 month deployment on a Naval Aircraft Carrier just 6 months after our twin boys were born. Because technology was not what it is now, I too had to wait for handwritten mailed letters to arrive. I sent one off each day to him and had to number them so that when he received a bunch at once he knew what order to read them in. We mailed a VHS tape back and forth with video of our two young boys so that he could watch them grow and change. I still have that VHS tape and I am not even sure it still works but just picking it up and knowing what it holds is enough for me. I admire all men and women who support our troops while standing on US soil. They too have a very difficult job. I would love to put my name in for a spot in your photography workshop.


Wendy M.

First of all, that photo of the nail in Josh Downs' thumb is creeping me out. Next, I can't imagine how much you and your kids are missing him. And thirdly, the mother hen woman is an angel and I'm so glad you ran into her that day. And lastly, you're right, $147 for shipping would have been too much for Josh Downs. A lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Chris R

Karen, I just want to say thank you to your family for the sacrifices that you make everyday that Josh is gone. Thank you to Josh for his service to our country. The nail gun incident totally made my thumb hurt!! May God bless your family!!


Ok, so I was crying my eyes out about that sweet story and being thankful for Josh Downs and that sweet lady's husband and all of our service men and women.

Then you threw me a huge curve ball with the nail gun thing. Holy cow!! I love that he took a pic of it to share with you and the kids, but my goodness, OUCH!!!

Thanks for sharing your life, Karen. You're an inspiration. :)

And Josh Downs, be careful with the nail guns (and anything else that could puncture any part of you! Karen and the kids want you home and in one piece!!)


This post made me cry, thanks for sharing.

Nicole Ellisn

EVERY post of yours makes me cry!!!!! I will now keep a tissue box next to my computer since I'm always checking in on you!!! OMG about the nail gun!!!!!! I would have passed out!!!!! How in the heck!!!!!! And what a sweet lady!!!!! omg! so sweet!!!!!!! It's so nice to see that there are still loving caring people in this nasty greedy world we live in!!!!!!


Wow! I loved reading this! I am grateful to you, your husband and your kids for your sacrifices. Thank you!!

And I would LOVE to *secretly* nominate my amazing very best friend for a chance to win a seat in your workshop giveaway. Her husband is currently in Afghanistan right now too - on his 6th deployment. They are currently stationed out of Okinawa, Japan. She is a homeschooling mother of 4, a wife to a Marine, a beautiful woman inside and out, and my very dear friend.

I would be so thrilled if she won this!

Brenda Walker

I love that there are still kind people in this world that understand the sacrifice military families make. My husband serves in the US Navy and is currently deployed with the USS Stennis. This is our first deployment and to say it gets easier as the time goes on is so not true. I am a stay at home mom with 2 little girls and it hurts that he is missing out on so much of there lives. He will miss so many firsts with our daughter who was 6 months when he left. My husband is such a wonderful man and I am so thankful for his love first to God and then for our family! I can't imagine going through this life without him by my side. Even though this hard we have a faithful God who will be with us until the day we are reunited again as a family! Thank you for your families sacrifice!
If you are interested here is a post from my blog about my wonderful husband right before he delpoyed


Now I'm all teary at work from reading this. My brother's best friend is currently deployed and my best friend's sister leaves November 15th. Both to Afghanistan. Both were in Iraq a few years back.

You should send this blog post to your local paper so they can run it in honor of the nice post office lady.

Thanks to Josh for his service and bravery (especially around nail guns.)

laura stewart

ouch !!

Denise Medeiros

Oh my gosh! I'm crying too. I wish I could give that nice little lady a huge hug right now and one for you too!! My hubby is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is a CH47 helicopter pilot (the one with the two top rotors). We started out the deployment talking on Skype everyday but since August when he had to move to a remote FOB and now I'm lucky to get an email once a week (which I'm still entirely thankful for!). Overall I try not to think about what he does up there everyday, I know it's an important job but sometimes the reality is just too much for me to handle AND keep it together for our 3 girlies. Just before he left he bought me a canon 50D to take pictures everyday to send him. I would love the chance to win a seat in your class! (((HUGS)))


I am so thankful for the service men and women of this country as well, and I'm also thankful for the technology we have these days so that you can share this story with so many people. So touching! Thank you for that.

Terry Gardiner

What a wonderful experience. May you cherish the feelings you experienced with this kind woman when you are having difficult days. Love that you are paying it forward! Thank you to you and Josh Downs for the sacrifices you both are making.


HI Karen, I love reading your blog, my best friend is deploying to Afghanistan in November, I cannot imagine what it is like to have your husband there. I live in the UK and for us we are able to send packages and letters under a certain weight free to all military personnel serving on active duty. We recently made lots of cards with a scrapbooking group at Creative Escape - hope that Josh is one of the troops that gets them! Thinking about you and your family.


Love this post, made me cry!:) And ouch Josh Downs, that made me cringe! Thank you for your service!:)

Becky watt

Seriously I just started crying while reading this. Reminded me in the beauty of humanity. Oh yea- and Josh Downs' calves even look hot in Afghanistan! :) (even if his hand doesn't).

Beckywedd :)


Crying right now! My husband has been in the Air Force for three years, and although he has not yet been deployed, it still hits home when I think about the sacrifice that so many make! We are a family - God bless all of you lovely ladies who are dealing with deployments right now, may He give you peace and comfort!


I'm not a military wife, but a daughter. I recently lost my 86 year old dad, an 82nd Airborne veteran of WWII. I often make short connections with older people because they remind me of the parents I no longer have and for a moment I can feel like someone's child again. I love your posts and they make me cry. Thanks for your family's service to our country.

Nicole B

What a wonderful story to tell you children about. Random acts of kindness are always a nice way to make someone else's day.


I can so identify with what you are going through. though my hubby isn't military he has been over there for 18 mos as a contractor and thankfuly will be home next week. It's been tough but i've also learned alot about me while he's been gone. The worst part is my son missing his daddy so much. I am a proud Army brat :) Thank you to all the military families that sacrific so much!


What a touching post, and so tender. It made me cry as well. My husband just got back in Aug. from his 3rd trip. Extra blessings come your way for yours and your husbands service! My prayers are with you. And thank you for paying it forward and blessing another military wife's life with a spot in your class!!!!

Chris Conner

Does he get a purple heart for that???? I have to admit, I almost had to barf when I saw the picture of it. I think of you often, Karen, since we met in Greece (a whole year ago!!!) and I pray for Josh and for you every day!


Karen - I just recently found your blog through Erin Cobb's announcement of her partnership with you. I've spent more time than I should reading your blog, and I am totally captivated by your spirit and the love your have for your husband.

christine weeks

I am a Navy brat, so I understand the military life (its not fun). Your post today made me cry at my desk. It is wonderful that there are still amazing people in this world that do thankless things. I can't thank you enough for Josh and all the men that make that sacrifice for our freedom.


Ouch to the nail gun!

Someone sent me the link to your post, and it was totally sweet and sad at the same time.
We're also Air Force, and my hubby is in Afghanistan right now, too.
Here's hoping the days pass quickly for both of us!


Thanks for sharing that story, Karen. So touching. And OUCH!! That nail in the finger looks painful.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I have never read your blog before but my sister does and she forwarded the link to me. It always makes the time pass better when you know there are people that appreciate your husband's service like you do!

If I could, I'd like to nominate my friend for your drawing. She and I are both Air Force wives and great friends. She recently found out that she is pregnant but that her husband, who will be deploying shortly, will miss the birth of their 4th child. She is a soldier in her own right though and I rarely hear her complain. She is always looking out for others and offering to babysit so they can get a break. She is also an avid photographer and is trying to get more and more practice with the hopes of turning her hobby into some cash down the road! I know she would LOVE to be a part of your workshop!


A little warning before the nail through the finger shot would have been wonderful ;) Holy goodness that did not look fun and he's gotta be tough taking pictures of it instead of freaking out!

And by the way...your post and that lovely mother hen made me tear up. Thank you for sharing your story!

Ellen Patton

There's still a lot of kindness in our crazy world.


I am crying too at your beautiful story! My friend took your course and learned so much, and then she passed this info on to me. My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am a stay at home mom to two kiddos who are all missing him dearly. So thankful for skype and e-mail as well, as I can't imagine what it was like for that lovely lady in the post office waiting weeks on end.

Kim Morrissey

Karen, I am part of a very proud USMC family whose husband currently spends his nights half a world away. My BFF Amy took your class during her husband's deployment in 2010 and it not only helped her get through the long nights but she learned so much. Roles have reversed now that her husband is home and mine is gone. She keeps encouraging me to learn something new and take your class---if I could type fast enough to get in! This give away is so generous and I would love the chance to send more (and better) photos to my husband in Afghanistan. Thank you! Kim


This is the sweetest story. God bless you and Josh Downs and your beautiful children. I pray for you every day.


It's rare that I have tears in my eyes as I look at the computer but I have now. How wonderful! Both you AND her - such dedication to making sure that uke went...

Cathy K

Okay, I'll admit, I cried too and then, as I continued to read, I thought you have to find a way to "pay it forward." I kept on reading and low and behold, you already had! You're a class act, Karen Russell!

Diane W.

What a touching story Karen, thanks for sharing it. What a feel good story! And OUCH, poor Josh, hoping he heals well from that.

Gayle shrader

Wow! What a wonderful act of kindness from that lady! What a great way of paying it forward yourself too.
Good luck to all those with loved ones abroad. Thank you for all you do too.


What a neat, neat story! Thanks for sharing! So many of your posts, bring tears to my eyes!


Best story ever!

My husband is an ICU nurse in the AF. He'll be deploying again close to Christmas. Right now, we're in a pretty weird holding pattern not knowing the exacts of our situation(shocking, right?) Due to the lack of info, we didn't want to move into a house, so we're living in our motorhome with 3 boys until some military portions of our life get figured out for us. If nothing else, a military wife has GOT to have a sense of humor...

I don't really like the whole "Thank you for your service" line myself, when compared to what some have to give, but it is a sacrifice, for sure. Instead, I'll just say, from one AF wife to another, thanks for keeping it real.

Desiree Chandler

awwwww what a sweet story!!! Thank you for sharing. So good to hear GOOD things do actually happen these days, especially to good people like you! :) Hope he likes his ukulele. :)


Im not a military wife so dont count my comment in the giveaway but that is so awesome that your going to pay it forward! such an awesome story! God is good.

Rachelle S

Ohhh!~ That is the sweetest thing I've read in a really long time~ and has hard as it must be to have him gone, just think of the wonderful things/people you've met and done because of the deployment. Hugs to you all


OW. What a sweet story, and how awesome are you for paying it forward.

Kimberly Johansen

Hello Karen!!
My husband is deployed in Iraq right now! My water broke and hour after we found out he was going to be deploying in two weeks! He was he for the birth of our son and left when he was two weeks old. My husband will be back in Decemeber and our son will be 9 months old. We have three little boys who love their daddy and miss him a ton as do I!! I am so greatful for my husband, your husband and all military members and their families for the service and sacrifice!

Michelle Adams

that is AWESOME!!!!!! Go little old sweet woman - GO!!!!
LOVE your story, so cool of you to give one away, heal fast - Josh Down's hand, and hugs!!!!!

Elizabeth C,

How beautiful. I think I would have cried, too. It's amazing that you're giving away a seat in your class this way. Your class was my saving grace last summer while my husband was in Iraq. I've passed this post along to others and hope that a deserving spouse will get the seat!


I have to tell you that I was having a horrible rotten day (just one of those I should have never gotten out of bed days). When I finally sat down at my computer to just unwind. Yes part of my unwinding consists of reading your blog :). I read the story of your day and of course started to cry. It really made me stop and think about how insignificant the silly mishaps of my day really were. It was touching and very sweet.
Thank you Josh Downs and all the military men and woman!! Thank you sweet "mother hen" for being one of those people who can without reason just be kind, thoughtful and generous. Thank you Karen for sharing your stories and helping me see things in a different light today.

Pamela Tetreault

I so enjoyed reading your post (and all your posts for that matter).. I am an Army wife of nearly 20 years (in Jan) and I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I too was ever so thankful for the technology that has so vastly improved since the days my husband deployed to Kosovo back in 1999. My husband was deployed to Iraq in 2009, we relished in the videos, photos and emails that we received from him. My kids fared so good during that deployment that their teachers didn't even know that their dad was deployed.

I have numerous photos like the ones of you all video chatting.. seeing them brings back a flood of emotions of joy in getting to see his face, and hear his voice.. I loved it when my husband would put his hand to the screen and say "i love you always".. thank you for supporting your husband .. that is the greatest gift you can give him as a military spouse. God bless each of you. ~ Pam

Nicky from Canada

What a wonderful lady and god bless the military and their families.


greetings karen from the UK. I absolutely love your blog and your amazing photos. I always look forward to reading ur posts and this one was amazing. My husband to be is in the british forces and thankfully it doesnt look like he will be deployed for another year or so yet. Thinking of you, josh downs and ur gorgeous kiddiwinks! Hugs from across the pond!


Awesome story!!! You're sweet to do that for the military wives, Nellie. They're in for a real treat!!!

And Josh....I hope you're better with the real gun. lol. OUCH!!!

Jo E

I'm in tears for the kindness some people show, for Josh serving his country and for you for telling us the stories. I am humbled. Xx


I swear your mother-hen was sitting in MY church on Sunday! At the end of my sermon I spoke about the importance of simple, little things that can mean so very much to people and asked everyone to take more notice of the people around them - in the POST OFFICE, in the supermarket, walking down the street. I spoke about how much a kind word or a smile can lift someone's day and how I often pay for someone's parking meter when I have been visiting someone at the hospital. The look on their face is priceless and I know how good I feel to be on the giving end - have no idea what it feels like to be on the receiving end. The point is I love doing this because even though I don't know these people, or their circumstance, I just know that somehow it touches the right people for whatever reason. .............Then I read this post of yours today and thought - WOW. What a blessing this lady was for you. (Sorry, didn't mean to repeat the sermon!) Bless you for all you do in bringing so much of yourself to share with so many strangers (and your incredible gift with a camera!), bless your family for looking out for each other (most of the time) and for being such troupers, and bless Josh Downs for all he and his colleagues are doing in Afghanistan. There may be distance between all of you but your hearts are linked in spite of it. And I can't see that ever changing.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who cries when reading your blog! Thank you for your generous offer of a free class. I am not in the running - just want to say that's a really nice thing that YOU are doing.


What an awesome story. My son is also in Afghanistan. My hat goes off to you as a military wife. God Bless your family and my thanks to Josh for his service.

Shauna M

I am crying too- the picture of Josh with the earphones on skype made me cry but in a happy way...


OMGosh! That nail through the thumb just about made me pass out! I've been helping hubby build a barn and he's got me using the nail gun and this is my biggest fear each time I pull the trigger!!
Love the story about the kindhearted lady!! It's nice to know there is still goodness in the world!!
I think it's awesome that technology allows you two to stay connected!! My son is currently doing his 3rd deployment in Iraq. We are counting down the days for his return in 2012!

Megan O

My Hubby is deployed to Afghanistan right now. He left in April and will be gone a year. He is Intelligence but is attached to the 3rd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division out of Hawaii. This is our second deployment since we PCS'd here and Hawaii is not a bad place to ride out a deployment. This time around is harder because our kids are older and they understand that he's gone. Thanks for the opportunity!

Robyn :)

That made me cry, too.

Patty Lucas

Karen this made me cry. I am a gray haired lady who just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I met him during the Vietnam War and he was supposed to go and spray Agent Orange but the Destroyer (his ship) ended up in dry dock and he couldn't go, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God! Our eldest son worked at the Trade Center until the May before the destruction but he is still in NYC and it scares the hell out of me. Thank you to you and your family for letting us borrow your husband and Josh Downs if you're reading this thank you for your service. May God Bless you and yours.


I started to cry, too---but then I saw Josh Downs in shorts!!! Ya still got it Josh Downs!!! So if you are reading this Josh Downs: Thank you so much for your service and stay away from the heavy machinery (nail guns).

Lisa Damrosch

And now I'm crying at my desk...(and cringing too at the nail gun)...what a great story...and way to go for paying it forward.


My eyes were hot with tears and then you totally grossed me out and made me laugh with your last picture!Thank you, to you and Josh.


This is why I love your blog....First I am crying and then I almost passed out..... LOL! What a wonderful story. Thank you for your service and the sacrifices you are all making for us.

Laura Evangeline

What a sweet woman, and what a horrible looking injury! I don't know why men always want to stop and take a picture. My sweet hubs is over in A-stan or the A-hole as I also like to call it. We deployed together last time, but our little guy was only four months old when our unit got called up again in January. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving our little bean with anyone, so I turned in my boots at the end of my enlistment in August. I never imagined being a "single" mom would be so difficult. It's hard to think about the fact that my husband will miss an entire year of his life when he's only a year old to begin with. Ethan won't even know who his father is. I only have one child to raise, and I barely feel like I'm making it. You're quite the woman to keep it all together the way you do. I know it doesn't feel like it. I share your tears, frustrations, & seemingly unbearable heart aches. I'm amazed that I get out of bed sometimes. We just have to I guess. At least it's the start to another day closer to feeling whole again. :-)


I'm not a military wife but I'm crying nonetheless. What a sweet story. That stranger was such a sweet blessing in your life. Love the way God kisses us like that - just when we're not expecting it. I'm sure being here while your husband is away is a thankless job, as well. I think I'll add you to my prayers starting today. Thank you for letting your husband go and serve our country. Be sure to pass along my thanks to him, tool!

i love this. i love that old lady. i love josh and you and the kids and every soldier fighting and who has fought. i NEVER cry, and yet somehow karen, you have managed to tear me up multiple times in the last posts...

and, um, how did i JUST realize you changed your blog name?! please tyell me it hasn't been a year since or i'm even more lame!


What a great story, it brought tears to my eyes. (And if I were Josh Downs, I would also have tears in my eyes after the unfortunate nail gun encounter!) Thanks to you and Josh and all the other families serving our country!


I was stewing over a stupid kid sports drama thing this morning and then I read your post. Thanks for giving me some perspective on what is really important - family and kindness. I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers these days. Thank you for your awesome post. You are an amazing mom - keep up the good work.


Hi Karen - not entering for the workshop - just wanted to say what a lovely story. You deserve the kindness from that sweet lady - and look, already you're passing it on.



Shirra VanZwieten

Wow - you make me so proud to be an American. I prayed for your husband and know that God will take care of your family. I love your blog - please stay real and thanks for sharing your heart - it helps me when I'm feeling sorry for myself.


What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Our paper does a feature called Thankful Thursday where people write/email thanks to someone - a neighbor who has helped them out, a stranger who helped change their tire or paid their bill at a restaurant. Things just like this woman who paid the shipping at the post office. What a beautiful gesture from that woman. That's something that I'm sure will stay with you for the rest of your life. How amazing.


What a wonderful story! God Bless that "Mother-Hen-of-a-Woman" what a kind heart. I'm not a military wife but I sure support our military...again let me say thank you to Josh and all serving our beautiful country filled with awesome people who Pay it Forward!! Good Luck to all you military wives out'll love Karen's class! God Bless all of you...stay strong!

Heather Miller

Love that you shared this amazing experience ! What a kind and generous woman ! And kuddos to you for paying it forward ! :) Love your blog and love love your photography ! ... One day I am going to have something better than a point & shoot. And maybe if I'm super lucky I'll be taking on of you classes. It's on the bucket list ! And Thank you to Josh and your supportive family ! You are fabulous !

Brianne N

I loved this. Every part. I am sitting here in tears trying to figure out a way to write eloquently when all that is coming to me is spurts of thoughts (so please forgive me if I ramble). My husband is also currently serving in Afghanistan. He has been there a few months now; everyone keeps trying to tell me that once we hit a certain point, it will get "easier" to deal with but I am not sure how that is even possible because it seems like he hasn't left my thoughts or prayers for a single minute since he has been apart from myself and our 5 year old son. It's people like your "Mother Hen" that can see past the strong and proud "military wife" face we try so hard to keep up and touch our wethered hearts; I thank God for people like that every single day. I am really lucky that my husband and I can "speak" through emails every day and we get to skype at least once a week. He currently works in a police enviroment and was VERY close to the recent attacks in the capital. I feel like I am still holding my breath most days. It's tough here at home because he is missing our Kinder's first year of school and I know that weighs on him. They are "best buddies" and try to catch up as much as they can that one night a week. (But let's face it, Momma isn't as good at tickle wrestling as Daddy :)). Our church services are available on Podcast later on Sunday's so he catches the service Monday morning or while working out at the gym; I am just thankful for the chance to talk about it throughout the week. I will continue to keep you and your "crew" in my prayers. Every day is a day closer, right? :) Thank you for all that you do, Karen! You are a blessing.


Thank you for that post! Most inspirational thing I've read in weeks. I love your family and experiences! Stay safe Josh Downs, and play your little ukulele heart out...your family awaits!!!!!

Alicia Palmer

Thank you for sharing this story with us. Your gracious mother hen was a gift from God after your ordeal over the uke. Also, thanks to your husband for what he does serving overseas along with you and your family for supporting him. My husband is in the Navy and deploys for months at a time most times with absolutely no communication at all due to the nature of what his submarine does. Times are hard with him being gone most of the year but he loves serving our country and I love that he loves it. I would love to have a chance to win the free spot you are giving away.


Totally crying. Thanks Josh Downs!


Crying...touching story! Well except for the photo of the nail in Josh's finger...YUK! Thank you to Josh and your family for the sacrifices you all make to have him serve our country!

Michelle Last

absolutely speechless and what a wonderfully sweet gesture. My day just gained its perspective again - thank you Karen, Josh and the sweet greying old lady and her vietnam vet husband xx

Gena - MI

Praying for you, other military families, and the Lord's blessings on that woman for her kindness! You've trained Josh well -- he remembers to take pictures, even when he shoots a nail through his hand! :O

Jay Wile

What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing, thanks to Josh for his service, and thanks to you for your sacrifice.


I dont think Ive ever read a blog post that made me cry. Until now. What an amazingly sweet lady. My adopted grandma always says "Honey there are no accidents, only the hand of God". And shes always telling me about gaurdian angels, and I do think that sweet lady in the post office was yours. You are very blessed! And that last photo made me gasp! Wow. Im just wondering if there is anything the men and women serving there need? I think it would be great to get the kids involved help out in some way. If you have any ideas please post.


what a heart warming story~thanks for sharing it with us :)


god bless you, your family, that wonderful woman, her husband, our military service people, josh downs, and josh downs' thumb.


I was bawling until the thumb shot and then I was like "What the...?" He is so brave, that man of yours!
Bless that wonderful post office angel!

teresa b

Wow Karen..Love your post!! Tears!! The nail in Josh's hand is CRAZY!! It's so awesome that he sent you the xrays and remembered to take a picture!! Hope he feels better soon.. and hope he's home safe soon!!


I'm crying and getting woozy all at once (ouch!). God bless that sweet, graying woman! I love hearing stories like this and hope that some day I can find myself in a situation to help someone like this; I'd do it in a heartbeat. Maybe I need to get out more!

thanks SO much for sharing this story with us, Karen!


first off... eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
secondly... God IS everywhere!! sometimes even dressed like a little grey haired old lady!! wonderful story. its why i love your blog. realness. thanks for your service Josh Downs and i hope your hand gets better real soon. and how in the nail gun did you do that!!!

Jessica W

I just got goosebumps reading this! But, next time a little warning on a nail in a finger photo, please! lol

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