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I just love Annie the Student listening so carefully to Courtney the Teacher. Very sweet moments. And such great scrappers the girls are. Looks like some fun!!

Theresa S.

I really love this post. That last picture/page is hilarious/sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann Jenkins

So very cute! The pics of the girls holding their layouts are darling.
Thanks for the link to your scrapbook room, I remember when you posted it the first time, but it was fun to go back and look at it again :)


I don't know what is disgusting Annie, but I LOVE that photo with her face all scrunched up! I love them all and I WANT your scrapbooking/craft room!!!


(Wow - I just looked at your scrapbook room post and it is amazing! I want to copy the paper drawer you made for under the desk!)

Lisa V.

I love seeing you and your camera in the mirror's reflection. So cute!


How lucky they are modeling you. Seeing it in "action" makes me smile. What a great way to spend the weekend. Gratitude always!

Patty Hetrick

So cute!!! I'm in the midst of redoing my office/scrap room and I painted it a blue called Sunken Pool and I was so inspired by the colors I have seen on your blog. Cannot wait to use my new island to be creative. Love their pages and, of course, Annie's faces!!

teresa b

Too cute!!! and if I didn't say it before!! I love you scraproom!!


What a great way to spend a Saturday together. I love that Annie's tongue pokes out of her mouth while concentrating and Courtney has such a warm smile. BTW - your office/scrap room and all its treasures are so nicely put together! Thanks for letting us peek into your home & life.


Hello. THere was a podcast that you mentioned awhile back and I have been looking forward to listening to it. Well I can't find it on my computer and I can't think of the name of it to save my life. I would so appreciate it if you can leave the name of it in your comments. I finally have an ipod to listen to it THank you. I love your blog


I just have to say that in picture 17 Annie looks just like Cole. That's it, just sayin'.

Laurie Clogston

Hi Karen! I have had some trouble making coments on your blog, but I just want to tell you that I read your blog on a daily basis! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts and looking at all the great pictures that you take! Annie and ALL your kiddo's are so very photogenic! They must get that from you and Josh! I miss you pretty girl! I still want to take your photography class, just haven't had the funds to do so!

Laurie Clogston

Is this at your home by any chance? And if so, can I shop there? LOL!


I'm so jealous of that scrapbook room. It looks awesome!


Wonderful photos of course..I am wondering if you are still posting the exif info. Every time I use my previously tried and true info says "aw snap", and it will not show your settings etc. Just wondering as it is always so nice to check out your settings. Thanks!

Gayle shrader

Love it all! My daughter and I love the Pinkalicious books. In fact she just had a Pinkalicious birthday party a few weeks ago! And your kids scrapbook pages are beautiful! Such fun!

Great pictures of the new age wholesome day. We played school too back in the day....but not scrapbooking. sounds perfect.

Kelly B.

Hi Karen!

I am taking a black and white film class (it is my art credit for my Elementary Ed. class). We have to bring 5 pictures to class next week to demonstrate the rule of thirds. Could I print 5 from this post and take with me? They wouldn't be used for anything but that class. I also like the depth to field picture that you blurred out everything but Annie. I really cannot wait until I can take your class, but needed this one for school.I wasn't sure how to e-mail you.



Wow, I want to come and hang out in your scrapbook room! I read your linked post about your room, very cool. Except I'm having a hard time with the treadmill desk thing. Do you really do this? For four hours?
BTW, I am loving your class right now. I was a little arrogant, thinking that I am more of an intermediate photographer than a beginner, so I was concerned that I wouldn't learn enough to justify the cost. Wow, I've already learned so much about composition from you, that I know the whole class will be awesome. Your lessons are extremely thorough, precise, articulate, and professional. Thank you!
Audrey V


How great! Love their layouts! I wish my kids had more interest in scrapbooking.
I love Clean Colour and bought it when it first came out! After taking Barb Uil's workshop, and posting some pictures using her actions, a friend said she much preferred my other "Clean" photos. And I'm waiting patiently for your next instalment!


You have the most gorgeous family I have ever seen. It is a privlege to see different parts of your life in each post.


Cutest ever: "I love oyu" precious!!

Martha - EP

karen, great pictures. I have a question, do you still scrapbook? if so, will you show us some pages? if not, what do you do with all the photos you take every year?

inquiring minds.....

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