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Not only do I wish I could take pictures like you do, I now wish I could write like you do!

This post actually made me teary - so lovely! Thank you for sharing it.

Nicky from Canada

He made you catch your breathe just when you needed to - but also take your breathe away!!


I'm glad that he has made you stop for a bit. Lovely post. :)


You just made me realize that I need more shots of my hubby!


This is the first time I've seen Annie when I look at Josh Downs. :)


How sweet!


I had to laugh when I read about you wiggling around like a kid having to pee. With 5 kids (and one that is a nursing baby-so I drink lots of water), I am often in the leg crossed bouncy position.....and it's usually my husband that reminds me to go do it...
By the end of the post, I was teary...I'm so grateful for my husband who is home everyday after work, and I am so grateful for YOUR husband (and my brother, and thousands of other men and women) who help me to feel safe when I tuck those five children into bed every night.

N.Prather :)

Karen :) the burning question is WHEN is your lover pie coming home ? Love your blog and always inspired by your unforgettable photographs and unforgettable blog !!!! Loves it :)


glad you stopped ... breathed...smiled...and peed xx


I am still trying to figure out how to move next door to you for the next year so I can mow your lawn and stuff...Thank you Josh for every weekend, every moment, every memory, every second that you are missing out on. In the minds of my family, it will not be in vain.


It's almost always the really important things that get us to stop and breathe...looks like this was one of those really important things. So glad you found something to smile about today.


And I know that the best part of his day is reading your blog! So glad you stopped to smell the roses.......better go get some flowers for yourself to celebrate Friday...just like when Josh Downs is home.


Tears in my eyes. What a beautiful reflection on your day.

mandy friend

now i'm crying. and i think i've been quite selfish to complain about hunting season being upon us...thanks for the reminder<3


Thanks for taking the time to post this for all of us to reflect on our loved ones as well. Hugs to you. Wish your sweetie was home. But MANY thanks for his service to our country. Keep smiling!


one of my favorite sayings/paintings. i can't find the original owner but i have it posted here:


You were just meant to find that picture...coincidence? i think not....
You should frame that and put it right next to your you remember to slow down and breathe :)
Jeff has an interview in town next Wednesday...I pray he gets this job...I can't wait for him to move home!!!
Hang in there my friend. Hugs!!!

ellen patton

You are such a great writer. And person.


Sweet memories -- and sweet picture of your hubby. I know you must miss him and I really do not know how you can mentally do it. You are one strong woman.


Oh Karen! I hope you took the time to go pee. The look on Josh Down's face in that picture made me feel calm. Sending you a big hug!

Michelle Last

What a lovely photo, print it out and pin it on your computer screen so that Josh can remind you to breathe and be kind to yourself xx

Tears! Such a sweet dedication to your handsome hubby.


Glad you ran across that photo and breathed it all in. (Then peed.) There are no coincidences and running across that photo was well timed. I hope you have more moments to breathe deeply and SLOW DOWN, just like you teach us to do when taking a photo. {hug}


Love this post. And I agree - I totally see Annie in this shot. It's the eyes.


Now thats the blessing of photography! A photo that can bring back all those memories, just at a glance. I bet you are missing him to pieces. Im not sure how long he is gone for, but i hope it just flies by...esp with you being too busy to pee and all!


I was going to say exactly what the poster above me said. LOVE this post! I'm always taking pictures of my kiddos...not enough of my hubby. And my hubby makes me smile too.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Beautiful Karen! Sometimes God sends us exactly what we need at the perfect time.

teresa b

tears!! great post karen!!


gotta love having a man that makes you grin like a cheshire cat while you pee ;)
can't wait for the post that he has come home to you! prayers are with you all.
take care!


This made me smile. I love it when a photo takes me back to a very happy time in my life. Maybe it's time for me to go rummaging through old photos.

Glendy Morrison

*tears* xoxo


This is a great reminder of why we take those everyday pictures. You never know when they're going to be just what you need. So glad his calm face was able to help you. God bless!


Even when he's not with you he comes in at the right time to make you slow down. Smile and well I guess Pee! :) You often write about being twisted or all over the place...but to most of us you really do have it all together and you live a fairytale. From one princess to another...that is awesome! :)


And that, is love. In its best and purest form. I am so happy that you and Josh have that, but so sad you have to be apart. I can't even imagine the joy you will feel when he's home again. :)


Beautiful post. How lovely that you came across this photo when you did...and some people say there's no such thing as angels doing work. And that caring loving smile from your Josh is probably the exact expression you needed to see too.


I love your stories about the "new old house" and I love the photo of Josh relaxing. Nice that you can take a 5 min breather and take you back to those wonderful memories. I hope we (your photography class) aren't stressing you out too much!!! We are busy little bees on the Q&A board.


Hope the stopping and breathing and remembering has helped ... And your writing is wonderful.


What a fantastic photo Karen. It must make you miss him all the more. I always thought Annie looked like you until I saw this photo. She really has Josh's eyes.

MEMORIESandCOLORS Dallas photography

You pictures and your writing are addictive!


ah... you see? Josh was there to slow you down after all! It was just in the way of a photo. Reason 8,921 photography is the best hobby on the face of the earth!

I must now go pee.


Thank you for being authentic and vulnerable. And thank you as always for praising your husband. There is a reason that you and Erin Cobb are friends. My favorite thing about both of you is how complementary you both are about your spouses. Not fake, not perfect, but complementary. Blessings during this journey.

Ruby Badcoe

You need to make a backup of that picture - it's a once-in-a-lifetime shot, LOL. Well, it seems you got something more out of searching for the photo you needed for your class. The photo has very high definition and a great angle. Was this taken by a professional photographer? Also, what's the capacity of your hard-drive?

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