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Jessica W

Too cute!


i love seeing your pictures hanging up in your house. i noticed the ones of annie in her room - simple and cute. i have so many pictures and i don't have very many around my house. that needs to change! :)


You'll have to share pictures of Annie's new room. Looks so cute from these.


Love that both kids ended up with a great project...that "I can do it" philosophy is so important. You are one smart "cookie"! Now go have one! :)

Nicole Ellisn

I LOVE THIS!!!! I love my lil boy, and my boyfriends boys too but sometimes I wish I had a little girl that could sew with me! I make Raggedies and sell them and it would be nice to have a partner in crime! When my son was little (he's 14 now) he would come in and help me dress them. Not so much anymore. Annie looks absolutely adorable!!!!!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!!! And I LOVE her room and LOVE the Annie on her bed!!!!!! You're a wonderful mom Karen!

Stacey H

haha! you made me laugh and smile!

Thanks Karen!



My grandma taught me to sew when I was just 5 years old on an old treadle Singer. I still love to do it today. The treadle base now sits in my garden with a flagstone on top to hold some of my garden pots. Happy days!


Wow! I can't believe she made that!


This is so great! Never to young to learn how to sew. My mom and Nana always taught us these things young. I only know the basics, but they come in handy. My sewing machine has been on the kitchen table since spring and I have found tons of fun projects to work on. My favorite lately is sewing Bunting Banners. Love to use vintage hankies or fabric. That would be so easy to do with the girls for their rooms. Cut with pinking shares and they will only have to stitch onto ribbon or binding to hang. Easy, peasy and fun!! Annies room looks incredibly sweet and hope you share more photo's.

Wendy M.

As always your photos tell a wonderful story. I love reading what you write but usually your photos can tell the story just fine on their own. Which is what you taught us in your on-line class! When my son was 9 he asked if he could learn how to sew so he could make a fleece hat for himself. It was so popular that he started making them and selling them to his friends. He made about $15 but I spent about $35 on material and supplies. But it was so worth it. He's 18 now but has continued to make things. His duct tape wallets were my favourite.

Karen H

Is this her new room? It looks so lovely. You have such great style!

Kim S.

love the pic of Annie with her tongue out. total concentration! can you teach me to sew? :-) I've always wanted to learn.

Mary Ann Jenkins

So very cute!!! Love seeing a bit of Annie's room you gotta show us more because it looks beautiful :)

cheryl o

i missed a few blogs - been so busy with your workshop! just wanted to say that your blog is so lovely and your workshop is incredible so far! and good news - i figured out the issue with my camera tonight! phew... oh, and i think annie's bag is perfect! i love that you taught her to sew...

Angela M

Hi Karen - totally unrelated to this blog, but after I read your post quite awhile back of the Staggering Ox, I put it on our list of places to go. Well, today we did it and it did not disappoint, the menu is amazing. My husband and I, and 2 other couples are on a road trip, on Harleys from New York to California. My only two requests were to see Niagara Falls and eat at the Staggering Ox. Both have now been fulfilled! We all enjoyed the Ox and all thanks to you for the tip...Angela

Lisa V.

Yay for Annie and Coley for learning to sew! Every boy should learn how to hem pants and sew on buttons, IMO. And if they're a boy scout leader they should know how to sew those stinkin' patches on themselves too! But I digress . . .
I learned to sew very young too. My Mom had me practice on notebook paper so I could follow the lines.

Marilyn T

LOVE your blog and photos so much! Annie's room looks adorable. I love her photos on the wall. Are they on a canvas mat board? Do they have a white border?

Marilyn T (Brooklyn's grandma)

teresa b

Her room is adorable!!


What patience you have to teach your little girl and boy how to sew. My little girl has come in on me sewing before and asked if she could help. Next time I might say yes after seeing this post.

Jennifer - CT

Are those the 12x12 canvas photo wraps from Scrap Book I see on the walls? They look awesome. You are so inspiring!!

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