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Nicole Ellisn

LOVE the pictures of Annie laughing so hard while she's coloring!!!!!! GREAT pictures Karen!!!!! Love your house too!


These are so fantastic, Karen. I love them all, and I want a new house with nice big pretty windows.


Annie looks so much like you! I think Josh Downs is very lucky to have so many people that miss him and a wife that blogs so well so he won't miss a thing!


Love all these messages to Josh Downs at the end. It inspires me to write a message to my husband each day. A little harder sometimes to remember the love when they are right there every day. Or when you are up to your eyeballs in dirty dishes and he is playing a computer game!! :0) But I still love him anyway!

Nicky from Canada

We all need those reminders from time to time!!
Life is a blessing - Josh Downs is a lucky man


Is anybody else getting the typepad pop up when they click on Karen's blog? Just curious.


Karen, I always wonder where you found that amazing light blue velvet couch? Did you have it refinished in that fabric? I adore it :)

dawn clement

your blog posts make my day! =)

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

Aw, how fun. I wish my girls had cousins near us and near their ages(5 & 7). They're great at playing together but theres nothing like growing up together with lots of family:)

Jennifer J

I love all those photos. I really love all the photos with that charming door. Thank you for sharing. I'm thinking natural light will be the biggest factor in choosing our next home. Your light is amazing.


In all those photos with your door in it...all I can think of is how wonderful it will be when Josh Downs walks through it...I can hear the screen door slam now. Your special talent at recording the every day is more than wonderful.


Beautiful pictures (of course) and yes, it is nice to be reminded about what you have even if you want him home. Love that bread sign on your screen door...looks cool.

Robin healy

Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with me.

Jona Panesa

lovely photos as always. loved watching your stories through your lens.


Love these photos of the little girls -- they are all so very "in the moment". By the way, I entered Erin's giveaway for your class -- hope I win!

teresa b

it's nice when those reminders come like this!! hope it continues..


The lighting in your house is so great!


Love the post.... lots of people love you Karen! Love your scraproom, your photography, just plain YOU! Do you know you're all over Pinterest? :) www dot pinterest dot com


So sweet! everytime I read your blog it reminds me to capture the everyday moments cuz that's what I want my family to remember. I can't wait for your next making the shot issue to be released!!!


Annie's laughter in the first series is SO contagious! I imagine hearing their laughter does your heart good, Karen. :)

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