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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I know this is a "business" email, but I miss the message to Josh Downs!

Kelly C

This is so great! I was one class late for this opportunity. :( What a wonderful addition to your already awesome class.

Gayle shrader

So excited for this! I audited your class this past spring and loved it!! So much that I signed up last night to audit again for your next session! I can't wait! I love your class adn I love Erin Cobb's clean color style! So excited. I bought her tutorial the day it came out and I love it! I definitely need some help with perfecting both my straight out of camera pictures and editing them! This is teh best of both worlds! So excited for january!!!
Thank you both for doing this!


Karen - definitely going to sign up as an auditor next class -I have Erin's Clean Color and love it! However I am very interested in your method - your photos are so...light and airy ?? I think it makes your photos look like "memories" rather than portraits or snapshots...silly description I know BUT I hope you get the gist :0). Will you be sharing your method?


I live in Canada. Is it possible to take one of your classes? I LOVE your photos and would really enjoy learning how to take such great photos myself. How much are your classes? Thank-you for your time!


Michelle - Yes, you can take the class from Canada. Some of the students are from Europe and Australia! Karen, this is so exciting!!! A match made in heaven.

teresa b

Congratulations to you both!!


This is an amazing opportunity! I loved your class Karen and I loved Erin's Clean Color Tutorial.

Theresa S.

Love it! Great idea!


A match made in photography heaven. :) I credit you both hugely for where I am with my photography!


Thank you for teaming up with Erin. I adore both your styles! Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

- is this team up good for all your future classes?
- will Erin critique an edited image using Clean Color? Or will she just answer questions?

I am definitely excited and is thinking of auditing one of your future classes.


2 words. AWE. SOME.
love you both...
and we all know Josh Downs is reading this & that makes us :)

Robbie Andersen

Hooray for exciting news. I have been wanting to take your class for years now, and I'm glad I waited- this will be an added bonus! One question- what is the discounted price for your students to buy the Clean Color video? If it's a significant savings, I'll wait until I can get into one of your classes, if it's not a huge difference in price, I'll go ahead and order it before I take your class.

 ♥ Debbie

What a perfect match, and an amazing opportunity for your students!! Karen, I have learned so much from you and loved your class and thoroughly enjoyed Erin's Clean Color Tutorial!! Both of you changed my life!! :)


I just love all of the amazing photos you post on your blog. I don't always comment, but I do always read and look. Love that you are teaming up with Erin Cobb, and I love her tutorial. I also wanted to let you know that when I pray, I always pray for you and the kids that things are going well for you and that you won't be too sad without Josh, and I pray for Josh and his safety every day. Hang in there. I hope the time til his deployment ends passes quickly for you.

Margaret Hansen

I have never taken your class before but HAVE purchased Erin's Clean Color already. How will this affect me if I sign up for your class?

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