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I can't even tell you HOW much that cat looks like my childhood kitty ... Mellow. We had him for 17 years! And, precious photo, as always. :)


Those hearts are adorable!

jordan noel

Okay. So Annie's room looks amazing! Plus, this picture is adorable. That cat is precious.

kelly s.

LOve the peeks Of Annie's room, would love to see more

Jessica W

My daughter is a total animal lover too. Lucky for her, 2 of our 4 pets are very willing to let her squeeze on them as much as she wants.


Couldn't be sweeter. Have a day filled with joy!


Can you please come do my daughter's room?

Tammy Mellish

I would really love to retreat to Annie's room right now- sooooo lovely! Love the kitty too- we have four! This morning I let mine outside and the 3 neighbor cats were waiting to come in! Very kitty friendly here :) And that bit about Josh warms my heart- so happy for communications!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

What a great photograph! And Annie looks sooo sweet and cute! Love!


Looks like Annie's newly renovated room is gorgeous!


Hahahahaha! Our poor cat, who could be that cat's twin, gets manhandled constantly. He's 7mo old, weighs at least 11lbs & my 4yo is constantly carrying him around the house. Funny thing is, I think he expects it. When she's not home, he wanders the house meowing for her.


My goodness kitty has grown up quick, so has Annie too. Sweet picture and I LOVE the strawberries & cream room - just beautiful!


So stinkin' cute, every single detail. Cant wait to see that bed. Is it made out of old doors? If so, can you please send me a tutorial, because I totally want one! Thanks for sharing this morning, you made me smile:0)


totally love the hearts - did you make them? i've just gotta know:-) love your pictures!


I too want to know about the hearts! Her room looks so warm and inviting! Nice job!


I can not wait for the big reveal, her room looks amazing!


That's a precious picture!!! The cat looks relaxed somehow! lol.

marie shepherd


 ♥ Debbie

Such a darling shot of Annie and the kitty!!! I love the floating hearts mobile!! Did you make it?

Tess S

on pinterest. all the people who think you're amazing.


love the pic. where did you get the hearts that are hanging? They are so cute, I just know my daughter would love them.


Gorgeous photo.

meg duerksen

love those hearts!

ghd hair straightener

Coley did an awesome job with the photos! Totally love your comment about the nice lady.... after you realized you could catch her if needed.... that is so how my brain works! haha

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