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Elizabeth C,

Happy birthday to Josh! Hope you guys can Skype or chat today.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to Josh and many heartfelt thanks for your service and sacrifice.

Nancy Wyatt

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!! Thanks for your service and sacrifice!!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs!! Thanks for your service to keep our country safe!

Robin healy

Happy Birthday Josh Downs... You are my hero Karen Cougar!

Shannon Laux

Happy Birthday Josh Downs..I hope you both never have to spend a birthday apart again! Josh Thank you for your service and sacrfice! Karen, Thank you for all that you do too! :) Best wishes!


Embrace your inner Cougar Karen - You're rockin it girlfriend!
Happy 31st Birthday Josh Downs!! Thank you so very much for your service and sacrifice!


Happy birthday, Josh Downs!! Thank you for your service & sacrifice. You (and yor brood at home) are prayed for by complete strangers! :)

Julie in Aust.

Happy Birthday from me down here in Oz too Josh. Karen...I'm 2 years older than my life's love, and I know it sounds silly but 'back in the day' I always felt a littler more at ease when his b/day slightly caught up with mine for a silly isnt it. These days I'm just grateful we can share them...just grateful he's there when I wake up...

Cori Barney

Happy Birthday Josh! I want to give you and your family a heartfelt thank you for your service. I appreciate you and all our brave service men and women!

Desiree Chandler

awwww Happy Birthday Josh Downs! Thank you for ALL you do. Karen I hope you guys have a great day/night celebrating and next year YES, he will be home! :)

Kathy C.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday Josh Downs!! :)

Denise Medeiros

Happy *Happy* Birthday Josh Downs!!! *

jennifer Camplin

Happy Birthday, Josh!

(stay safe w crews!)

Kim S.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Josh Downs! thanks doesn't seem like enough for all that ALL of you are doing for our freedom!


Happy Birthday Josh! Hope you find some way to celebrate your day and hope this is the last you ever spend away from your beautiful family!


Happy Birthday, Josh Downs! I hope it's the last birthday you and your family spend apart!

Tammy Mellish

Happy Birthday Mr. Josh Downs. You're the Man! Hope you are celebrating with a cold beer and good company! :)

Nicole Ellisn

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!!!
I'm 8 years older than my boyfriend...and at first it was REALLY hard for me! I'm over it now, and I'm going to be 42 in November. Turning 40 WAS hard though, and him still being in his EARLY 30's! ohwell. you don't pick love, it finds you! And you have such a wonderful LOVE!!!! I really enjoying reading your blog and seeing your love for each other and your family!!!!!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!! Thanks for all that you do to keep all of us safe!

Martha - EP

Happy Birthday Josh Downs. May this birthday find you safe. Thank you for all you do for the rest of this nation.

May God protect you and guide you home to your wonderful family earlier than expected!

God Bless.

mandy friend

happy birthday Josh! i turn 31 in december;) blessings for your safety and God's peace.

Karen, i have a little something for you. i'll give it to ross if i ever see the lad (it's been a while), otherwise i'll drop it on your front porch one of these days on a target run.

Stacey H

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Josh Downs...Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a fabulous day and I thank you for your service! are doing an amazing job encouraging Josh!!



Happy Birthday Josh! Stay safe!

And I too hope you never have to spend another birthday apart Karen! Big hugs to you!


Happy Birthday, Josh Downs! Stay safe and come home to your precious family very soon.

ps - thank you for your service to and sacrifice for our country.

Stacey Staceyface1 Clinton

You always touch my heart, Karen Russell!
Happy Birthday, Josh Downs! Thank you for serving our country (do they have birthday cake in Afghanistan??? I sure hope so!!!)

How cute is this picture? So adorable.....Happy Birthday Josh Downs....


Happy Birthday Josh...You've got the best birthday present ever...a family who loves you with all of their hearts :) God bless you and keep you safe.

Jennifer F

Happy Birthday Josh Downs! Thanks for all you do to keep us safe! Karen ....You are amazing stay strong!


If you're reading this Josh Downs....HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!!! Thank you so much for your sacrifice!


And I hope so too!! The kids are just the bEST...and the upside down is just symbolic that life is upside down without Josh Downs!!
Happy Birthday Josh Downs.

Terry D

Happy Birthday Josh! Thank you for your service. Stay safe!
Love the photo Karen!


Happy Birthday to Josh Downs, and THANK YOU!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs! Thank you for serving and stay safe!


yum......glad you still made the day was just Josh Downs spoiling it for you all by not being there!!! I hope you never have to spend a birthday apart as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Young Nanny

Happy Birthday Josh! God bless.


Happy Birthday Josh! Thank you times a million. I just can't say it enough.


Precious family. So much love. Beautiful picture.

Yvonne C

A little late here, but Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!! Karen, I am older than my husband too....but he has more gray hair (that he likes to blame on me and the kids!!) Wishing Josh safety in Afghanistan!


Happy birthday Josh Downs! Wishing that your time away from home will fly quickly, and that you'll always be safe as you serve your country.

Karen, rawrrr!!! Love the upside down sign.

Tanya A

Happy Belated Birthday, Josh Downs! Sending safe and happy thoughts your way! Thank you for doing what you're doing!



And again misty eyes....

Thank you for your service and for sharing your family with the world...

I really wanted to come over and chat with you at the dentist office before you left for over seas, but I caught myself...because I know you but you don't know me....

Karen you are wonderful !!!!
Love Laura (from No bare pages)

teresa b

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!! Hope your home soon with your beautiful family!!


Such a cute shot! My hubby and I are about 7 years apart only I'm the young one and he is the old one. hahaha. I'll be 32 in Nov and he'll be 39 in Dec.
alreay loving the class!

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