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Tina Schiefer

Cute story! Sometimes..many times, it's hard to juggle it all. Sounds like you're doing a great job!!! Cheers to all of you.


love Coley for being a Do Gooder!

Patty Hetrick

I totally understand where you were coming from! It's so hard when we have so much to do and that moment of clarity is never 'clear' until after the fact. Hope they find that pup's home:)

carole R

a lovely story - good on Cole for doing the right thing. Hope the pup finds his family


Character counts when there is no one watching. Way to go Cole!


Cole, you are a good person! I hope pup finds his home and I'm glad someone was looking out for him.

Corrine A.

Thank goodness he has a Mom like you to teach him to be a Do Gooder. That way you don't always have to make time to be the Do Gooder yourself! ;)He's a sweet boy...and you are a great Mom!

Jessica W

That's a good boy you've got there!


A "Dudley Do-Right" he is! Yea! Now hoping that cute beagle's owners do the right thing and find him...then put identification on that cute critter. You ARE doing "good"!


You're such a great mom, Karen. :) Thanks for sharing your stories honestly with us!


What a great kid! I'd love to know that if one of my dogs got lost, someone like Cole was looking out for them! You done good!


The do-gooder, animal-lover in me absolutely adores this story. I can't wait to share this with my 11 year old son, who is always on the lookout for strays. Thanks for doing the right thing, Cole!!!

Ann S

Love this story and the fact that you're raising such responsible do-gooders! :) Another thought on the might also want to contact the vets in the area and give them a pic of him.

Julie in Aust.

Ahhh...that kid is the best! Good on you made your Mom proud.

I wonder if we will ever know what really happened to the puppy...

Cole could find out...couldnt you Cole?

Kim S.

I hope you (and Cole) keep us posted on what happens to the lost dog. Sometimes our kids remind us of the lessons we teach. That's all, just a gentle reminder. **wink, wink**

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Good for Cole - and for you for raising such a great kid!

teresa b

hahaha Great story Karen!! Good job Coley!!

tara pollard pakosta

great job Coley!
I actually think the term Do Gooder isn't the right term but more of
Kind Heart-er or Good Heart-er or something~!!!!
or just plain ol' awesome KID that has great parents~


Love Coley's tender heart. Such a sweet boy!!!


Glad Cole did the right thing- whenever I see a stray pup I stop to help, because I know that that is what I would want someone to do if/when my dog got out! I hope the pup had a chip and was reunited with his people!


How sweet! I always seem to find stray animals. Way to go Cole! You two have definitely raised some great kids.


You can't leave that story there! We NEED to know that the pup had a happy ending and was reunited with his family. Spookily, I too did a bit of dog rescue this week, but we dropped our stray off at the vets. Well done to Coley for doing the right thing :)


Who would ever boo you! You are so obviously on the right track!

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