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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Great job Tammie! What a fantastic demonstration of Clean Color! I am so excited about Karen & Erin teaming up.


Fantastic job, Tammie!!! What a difference. I'm looking forward to learning these bad-ass skills myself!


fantastic! hence, CLEAN color.


WooHoo Tammie!!! Fantastic job on this! I really need to purchase CC one of these days :)
Such a darling photo and I love the tattoo!
Christine S


Great job, Tammie!! You did such a great job! He looks very natural and the editing just gives your image that teeny extra oomph! Thank you so much for sharing. I have found that Clean Color editing does wonders for my images. Night and day difference. I'm looking forward to the Q&A with Erin!!!


Superb Tammie! I can see the brightness in your son's eyes even more after the edit and may I say the "look" is the kind of warm brilliance that Karen gets with her photo's of Coley . Love the new class combo idea Karen & Erin! Seriously thinking of doing the class again for the fun, (daily discipline) aka learning, to work through a new camera, encouragement &&&&& ....

tammy b

Love the Clean Color Tammie! I think Caro's comment of "warm brilliance" is right on. Thanks Karen and Erin for teaming up to offer us a complete and what I'm sure will be amazing class!


Thank you for posting this before and after, I have had clean color since the beginning of the year and I have yet to create something like this, it is very inspiring :-)


Nice job Tammie! I love the shot, he's adorable. Thanks for sharing your comments and the before/after pics.


Beautiful edit Tammie! I think the original shot looked great, but the edited version is amazing. You brought out the sparkle in those eyes. Love it!


Oh, this is what I have been missing!

Nancy McPeak

Awesome job, Tammie! I am so inspired!

Tammy Mellish

It's fantastic- great job Tammie!! Karen I'm thinking about it, but I really don't know my way around Elements well at all. I have a really old version of it here (I'm thinking I would update to a newer version- it was something that came with a scanner I bought a million years ago.. once I was interested in buying a set of actions and the girl selling sent me them sent a trial to see if they would work with the Elements version I had because it wasn't listed. It didn't). Anyway, I've not used Elements for much of anything. I'm also a little worried about the picture taking- because it's darn cold here in Janary. I had a hard enough time finding cooperative subjects in the spring/summer! ;-)

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