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Kim S.

been there, done that..or at least TRIED that! good idea to call in the professionals. it's a BIG job!


I wish our house had hardwood under the carpet, but sadly it was more carpet and lino! Good for you for calling in the pros!


Here's hoping the military agrees with your plan of bringing him home early! ;)


We did that too, but didn't sand. It's amazing what a gallon of Lacquer will do.

Good luck! Fun projects are the best.


You'll be glad you called someone. That sander can kick your behind. Our house is 130 years old and we've done that so I know where of I speak. Thinking of you and yours and hoping you are coping with all of it.


I'm hoping Josh Downs come home to you and your family VERY SOON!!! Must be hard having him away.....

Anita G.

How exciting to find that. I love wood floors..the older the better! We refinished the wood floors in a house we lived in in TN! It sure was a lot of work! I think women are definitely better at knowing when to call in the Pros! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Christy Bridwell

I get a lump in my throat every time I read your notes to Josh Downs. Its the flippin sweetest thing ever.

Shauna M

such a cool window in there that does all the way down to the floor like that!!

Patty Hetrick

Karen, I feel you on the projects. Last week we tore out a wall in our living room and tore up the floors and replaced most drywall. Hired someone to plastercoat the walls and smooth the concrete. We'll (me because hubby is having surgery on his hand tomorrow) will be installing our flooring. Hoping to push through to the end of this project. Having a professional come in helps make it a little easier to get motivated! Best wishes!


If you can swing it, dustless sanding options are awesome! They will save you a huge amount of cleaning in the end.

teresa b

aawwhh.. yeah Josh Downs..hurry home!! hee hee Too cute!!

Elizabeth C.

Love his response and your message to him. Hugs to you all. I know it's hard, but it gets better. I promise.


Looking good baby!


nice find :)


After steam cleaning my carpet yesterday for the gazillionth time, I would love nothing more than to tear up the carpet and find 100 year old hardwoods! You sure are motivated!! Always love your pics, and cant wait to see more. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

Jessica W

I love the last sentence! Hold him to that! lol

 ♥ Debbie

What a beautiful 'find' to discover under the carpeting!! The floors look gorgeous! If refinishing is too costly, a good coat of floor paste wax and then buffing them out might be all you need to revive them! A fun memory....My kids would put on heavy socks and skate around helping buff while I used a vintage floor buffer purchased with Green stamps!


my favorite message to josh downs yet. i can see you smiling {hoping/longing} as you typed it. i am tearing carpet out of my workshop (scrapbooking classes) space tomorrow...darn cats left a rather nasty smell in them. hoping to find some beautiful hardwood floors too.

jennifer Camplin

ohhh can't wait to see the results!!

Lyda Tavorn

I fear that all readers who have carpets might tear their carpets apart. Kidding aside, I feel you. I mean who wouldn't be excited to find a 100-year-old hardwood floor? And yes, good luck with giving it the love it needs.

Henry Gay

For me, it would be better for your house to have your wooden floors visible to show that they have been kept well-preserved for over a century. Instead of putting another carpet, perhaps you can make it shine but not slippery.

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That's a milestone worth keeping, Karen, although $1000 might bankrupt the Tooth Fairy, LOL. The first lost tooth should always be at the bottom-middle part, which is called as mandibular central incisor. It should be followed by the top two middle teeth, then canines, first molars, and second molars. By the time she reaches 11 to 13, all baby teeth should be gone.

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