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Sending hugs your way Karen. I lit a candle in church this morning for my family and yours :)


I must say that I'm surprised you have a new little doggie, but s/he seems to be a great distraction for Annie. And it seems, perhaps, a big less high-maintenance than other dogs you may know.


So sad for your family that Josh Downs is gone. I am inspired by your strength. ((hugs))


And I am thinking that JD is definitely reading your posts. I have a feeling that you will be signing off every post :
"And if you're reading this Josh Downs, we love you like crazy."

Have a great time with your sister! Be strong, as I know that you are!


Sorry to hear that Josh is out on deployment. I wish for his safe return when he is done serving!


I'm praying for you all to stay Mighty and for Josh to come home safe! Love that photo!


I want to hear the story behind the unique name of your new dog!
I love the photo, Annie looks so happy!

Glendy Morrison

how long are you in Seattle? Lunch maybe? xoxo


My dream is that you teach a workshop here in Seattle! Wishing you peace, joy and safety for your family especially Josh Downs.

Libbi M.

will be thinking of you and praying for a safe return home. on another note, there is this super cool blog i found a year ago. it's her husband is a military doctor and was just deployed last week. she is super crafty and so inspiring by these mini scrapbooks she creates. you have to check it out. anyway... your sweet family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancy McPeak

Karen, I know this is a hard time for you and your family. I am keeping Josh Downs and all of you in my prayers. Do you know when he comes home? I love the photo of Annie and the new puppy. I think Marilou is right - the new puppy is a great distraction. Miss you and the class - what a great experience that was. Shooting manual and loving it!! Stay strong - thankfully, you have the One in your life to help you through. His Word will give you strength.

Moriah Bettencourt

(((hugs))) You are all in my thoughts & prayers!

stephanie ackerman

Can not help thinking "Shin-guard"...stay mighty and faithful!


Karen, I am so thankful for your story -- and for your honest, mighty hearts. Nodded in recognition at your hotel desk tears. These are deep waters your family is passing through. Thanks for inviting us along. xo

terrib in oregon

God's speed for Josh's safe return. It will be so hard, but you are so very strong, and your family is good, despite everything, and you will be reunited with your love soon. Each day that passes brings him closer to coming home. We are all proud of him for serving our country, taking a stand for freedom. We will support and back you with all our might! Try to keep your chin up!


I love your page. The colors and the design, the way you used Ali's stamps. Very inspiring...

Marathon Telecom

This is a subject close to my heart, You have done a marvelous job, well done and thank you.

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