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Jennifer S

OMG, Karen I love this... I love the fitness test idea - even if it is only an air force test ;) LOVE IT! Great job! I love the painting photos too. Thinking of you all....

Mary Ann Jenkins

Great photos as always :)
I think of you and your family daily, and am praying for Josh Downs. Well, and you too, but especially Josh Downs.


Just found your blog (awesome!) (I need your photography course) and I love your sense of humor...quit sure we'd be fast friends!


Been reading you for a while, first comment here....thank you for sharing your life and thank you Josh Downs for serving our country. Tere


pic of Annie on the swing= needs to be blown up HUGE and hung on a wall in her room!! that is a gorgeous shot! thinking of you guys tons you! XOXOXOXOX


omg......i love how you leave a message to Josh Downs at the end of each post!!!! It must be super hard.....and seeing the pictures, I can only imagine how much you must miss him!!! That last picture of him is HOT! have a very cute husband!!!!! I cherish my alone time with my man too! We have 3 kids combined and my ex NEVER takes mine, so when we get alone time we enjoy every minute of it as we barely got any dating kidless time!!!! Thanks for sharing all your memories!!! Your kids are just beautiful!!!! I wish our kids got along as good as yours and let me take pictures like yours do. They always turn away. my boyfriends kids want none of it (not used to it) and mine is OVER it!


aawwwwwwwwwww...i always love your posts but don't always comment. THANK YOU JOSH DOWN for your service!!


Where can I find this fitness test?

teresa b



I was all like "oh, how cute! Courtney Lee is totally thinking about what to paint!" and then I read the last bit and was like "Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!"

Shannon R

I always love the pictures of you & can just see how much love there is between the two of you. It makes me want to take more pictures of me & my husband, if he would cooperate! Be safe, Josh!


Just popping in to (i) see your beautiful photos (such a superb one of your Annie looking back at you at the park and (ii) to say I hope you are going ok.


Thinking of you and remembering how it was for my cousin when her husband left for Afganistan. Hugs and prayers. I loved all the pictures and your blogging.

Michelle Adams

If you're reading this, Josh Downs, there's lots of people out here thinking of you and your family! Take care! :)


I'm proud of you, Nellie!!! You're a real ATHLETIC DIVA now!!! Doesn't seem like it took you that long to acheive your status either. lol. And great pics as usual--never tire of looking at your awesome talent!!!

And if you're still reading this far down, Josh Downs...I'll promise never to complain about how HOT it is here in Dallas without saying a prayer for you in Afghanistan where it's 30 degrees hotter...and hope they have good water over there for you...and a nice bed... :)

Lori Craig

How about you give a little warning next time you're gonna make me cry with the last sentence. I'm humbled by your sacrifice and praying for your family!


I love the pic of Courtney Lee where the lights in the background look like thought bubbles coming out of here head. Hang in there Karen! And seriously... How the heck do you do those push ups?!?! You might actually inspire me not only by the photography but the fitness as well! :)


That first shot of Josh doing sit ups looks just like Annie. Well, I know he is her dad, but that's just her little face right there.

Elizabeth C.

Love all of this! Sounds like a pretty perfect family day. Sending hugs your way.

Shannon Laux

Thank you for sharing your life. Everytime I read...Josh Downs if you're reading this...I go all to pieces. I hope he is getting a chance to read this..Thank you Josh Downs for your service and Thank you Karen Russell for sharing your strength and your family with us. I'm attempting a 10K in October tho I just started running about a month ago after my 4th your fitness shots..give me motivation.

Kim S.

if you're STILL reading these comments, Josh Downs, we're grateful for the sacrifices that you're making...and, Karen, hang in there. We appreciate the sacrifices you're making (and the kiddos) as well!

Corrine A.

I found your blog a few weeks ago...and I am so happy I did. You take beautiful pics, you have a beautiful family, and you touch my heart with the love that you share with us! I am grateful for the sacrifice of your entire family and pray that Josh Downs gets back to all of you safely and quickly.

Karen P (kphike)

Awww man! you still rock chicky!! You make me want to keep working out (you look fab by the way and kicked but in that time trial!), you still inspire me to take better pictures and now you make me want a puppy......sigh :) Stay strong - will keep Josh and your family in our prayers - hugs xoxo

Linda Gibney

Wow, I never saw this coming. You are brave and courageous. Josh Downs is brave and courageous. Those kids are brave and courageous. But you have always been in sync and I am sure will always be. Wishing you all everything good that will make the days fly. God Bless you all. Josh Downs if you are reading this, thank you from my entire family. We are proud of you and all those in your company.

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