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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Sounds like a perfect day at the beach. Such cuties you all are! (and I think the love notes to your husband are so perfectly sweet! thinking of you, and keeping you all in my prayers... xoxo)

Libbi M.

looks like you had a good time and made some great memories.

Julie Pilch

Looks like you had a great time, love the eating ice cream whilst having loads of sand on your hand! My kiddies do that, what a combination!!! Hope you are OK your first week without hubbie, I find the first week is the hardest. You've made it to Wednesday!!!! Have a wonderful day, take care xx


Annie and Shindand's mutual love is so sweet! Where did his name come from? I hope you guys are settling into a comfortable routine and that time will pass quickly.


Never mind, I googled Shindand and it made me tear up. Hugs.


As a former student of yours and a former military wife, I just wanted to let you know that you were in my thoughts today! You should take all your "If you're reading this Josh Downs" quotes and make a book or calendar or something :)


Is it kinda chilly there some days? Can't fathom chilly weather in the Summer!

I want to complain about the heat here, but then I think about guys like Josh Downs in the military overseas enduring way worse heat and conditions.

So, if you're still reading down here, Josh Downs, thank you for enduring the heat and being so brave to make our country a safer place to live. We salute you.


What wonderful memories. Gosh, today when I was looking at the photos, all of a sudden I see you in Annie...clearly and distinctly. Love it. Two of a kind...sweetness! I agree with Jennifer, definitely "If you're reading this Josh Downs" need to be saved and put in a journal or calendar, or book. Thinking of you!


Love the photos (that goes without saying) the first one of Annie at the door is soooo cute. Love the bike ones and your injury (you old girl, ha ha!!) just joking. The houses look so picture-esq (can't spell that one). Wonderful memories and I'm not a dog person but he is so cute...the one of Annie holding the rings above the dog...OMG you capture amazing shots. Looking forward to coming back to your class mid Sept again....Lots of luv Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


oh that white fence and blue house...what a setting :)
Man seeing your photos makes me sooooo keen to get started on your class especially as we will be heading into spring in Australia during the class. PERFECT TIMING for this Aussie :)


Josh Downs, I salute you for all that you do, and Karen I also salute you for all that you do!! You have a beautiful family, and I hope you will all be back together safe and sound soon!


i too {all of a sudden} saw you in annie {especially the pics with the pebbles on her head}. i just recently caught up with your blog again...been a busy summer. when i first read the post that josh downs was heading overseas i cried...for you, for your family, for him. he is a true american and we need more men like him. so yes, josh downs, if you are reading this, we salute you and your fellow safe.


Thinking of you, Josh Downs, the children . . . and thanking God for men (and women) like Josh Downs who are willing to give of themselves so selflessly. Annie has grown so much, and yes, she does look like you in the shot with the pebbles on her head! She's going to be a photographer, too!

Allison D

My hubby has been to Afghanistan 3 times in the past four years, for a total of 24 months, so i know how hard it is "married/single parenting", and how hard it can be on the kiddies. Thinking of you and your family, and praying for a safe and speedy return. Hang in there!

marilyn hardcastle

dear karen ... how wonderful to enjoy your photos of such a special family trip. the little things are really big, aren't they? i admire you so much for capturing the everyday like you do. you inspire me! somehow i did not realize that your amazing husband was going to be deployed. i am keeping Josh Downs in my prayers, faithfully. your beautiful kiddo's are growing up so quickly ... i always think of the lyric by john mayer ... "by the time i recognize this moment, this moment will be gone." i love that you are catching the moments to make them last. oh - and i am still enjoying my photographer's workshop material and seeking to use the things you taught ... and still enjoying pretty frequent visits to the message boards. sending big big hugs. ~marilyn

dawn clement

love the blue door in the first photo. looks like annie has a new best friend! i so enjoy your posts! thank you for continuing to inspire me!

Lynea Ford

Ooo, these are amazing! I can't wait for class to start. I check your blog everyday!

Lynea Ford

Wow. Just Wow.
Are you really going to teach me to do that?

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