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Cindy Johnston

They are all fantastic Karen! tfs And your hubby looks like Ben Affleck in this one! :)

glee stormont

thanks for opening your heart by sharing your family with all of us. we treasure them, too.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Always great photos... Thinking of you extra today - a neighbor's son just deployed today. In awe of all of you and your selfless service. xoxo


Great shots. Love the one with Annie and the puppy sleeping and Josh with his extra-cool bunny eared bike helmet! Hope you are doing okay - sending blessing to you and your entire family.


BEautiful photos as always!
Where did you get that beautiful puppy? Is he purebred or a rescue? And what does his name mean?
So looking forward to future posts nad seeing all the great puppy shots!


love your photos as always.
we adopted a 2 year old dog yesterday. need to get pics!
thinking about and wanting to take your class again.
want to say thank you to josh, you, and your family for the sacrifices you're making.
glad you have such a close loving family nearby.
will keep josh, you, and kids in our prayers.

sherwood, or


They tell a wonderful story.

Lynda P

I agree with cindys thought of ur hubby!! And how stinkin cute us Annies bathing suit?!!! Ugh love your shots- thnx for letting us get a tiny glimpse into ur lives


I totally love that bike's so cool even on your grown man!!! Beautiful photos that explain themselves - a family holiday away having fun and being kids. Thanks for sharing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Lisa C

I usually just peek in and run on to the next blog in my google reader... today I had to stop and say hello. The fact that you are not feeling wordy, makes me think you are having a bad morning. Sending a virtual HUG.

And, OMG! That shot of Annie sleeping with Shindad is just fantastic. Such a sweet moment in time.


annie's bathing suit is too darn cute! {wish i had a little girl..sniff}


I always enjoy your words, but you know your photos speak volumes. I'm praying for you all, Karen!


I love Annie's bathing suit! You always have the cutest clothes for the kids!
I can not get enough of Annie and her pup! Seriously the cutest couple around!

teresa b

such sweet memories!!

Libbi M.

love the bathing suits. i know courtney's suit came from target but i haven't seen annie's. where did you get that totally cute suit? thank you for sharing all these lovely photos. praying foryour family and a safe return home for josh downs.

 ♥ Debbie

Oh these are wonderful captures of fun family memories!! Little Annie's swimsuit is so darling!! And Shindad in so cute! hee hee.... Josh is rocking that pink bunny helmet!! Thanks for sharing so much of your family with us!! Sending hugs!


Gone are the days of sitting on the blanket at the beach...great shots as usual. Continued prayers for you, your children, and Josh. Bonnie G

Jen Spain

Any man with enough confidence to wear bunny ears is a total hunk. Thanks for sharing your photos, and I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Katie {choc0holic}

It wasn't until these pictures that I recognized this beach from my childhood. I lived near Beaverton, OR and went to the beach more times than I can count. Thanks for bringing back so many memories and for sharing these amazing pictures. Oh to not be landlocked again!


Great shots...and yes, they totally tell the story!! Josh is quite the hunk in bunny ears! Jeff said that every couple should go through being makes your love that much stronger. And I think you totally appreciate each other much more! Hang in there my friend. Praying for you every day. Big hugs from across the country!!!!!


Hugs to you, K! And the kids!


Karen... I don't know if you listen to focus on the family broadcasts, but they recently had a broadcast for military wives. I thought of you. You don't know me, but vie followed your blog for years and LOVE your photography!

dawn clement

i love annie's suit! so retro and just adorable!


And Karen Russell, you are amazing!!!!!!!


Yes he is. . .oh sidetracked there. . .hope you are doing as well as you can since JD's deployment.

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