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Congrats to Courtney Lee!


Way to go Courtney Lee!

Nancy M

Awesome! photos are amazing! Congratulations to Courtney Lee!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Congratulations to Courtney Lee! She looks terrific up there!!


Karen, you have to share your white balance secrets! The colour in your photos always looks so natural and consistent. Great photos! I hate to think that you had to watch her up their on stage without Josh Downs at your side.


Glad to know Courtney Lee is doing so well! Acting camp? I'm impressed. She looks fantastic.


Oops! That should read "up there on stage."


What great shots! She looks so good!

Kim S.

how wonderful for her! she looks like a natural. can't wait to see what the other kiddos are doing. photos are amazing!


And you captured it perfectly..I can tell from the photos that she was more than wonderful, a natural, mature and accomplished little actress. Yea....and yes, I know that your heart was bursting with pride for both you and Josh. Thanks for the photos.

sasha farina

look at her face!! she's a natural!


Wow, how exciting for Courtney Lee!!! She looked GREAT!!!
Just wish Josh Downs was there to enjoy it with you guys.......

teresa b

Looking good!!


She is too cute! Nicely done, Courtney Lee!

jennifer Camplin

cute.. love how you took the pictures!!


Wow-- those pics are sooo awesome and I remember being a workhouse boy in Oliver when I was a midschooler= so fun-- guess it was because i LOOKED the part. I did have to be taught to SIT like a boy!!! She looked amazine!

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