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Oh my Karen, I cried when I read this post. What a tough thing to have to go through. Your family is in my prayers. We appreciate everything the military and their families sacrifice for us daily. Bless you all! Josh, thank you!!! Be safe and come home soon.

from the Ocean State~Sylvia

Denise Armbruster

I read all the time but never comment. Haven't been here for some time and was shocked and sad to hear Joseh is in Afghanistan. First of all, thank him for his sacrifice and commitment. Secondly, I can tell how badly you all will miss him. This has to be extremely hard on all of you. I'll include you in my prayers - for your sanity while he is gone and for his safety while he is over there protecting our freedom. God Bless all of you. Hang in there. I seriously don't know if I could handle my husband being gone. This must be the tough news you got a few months ago.


Praying for you & your family, Karen! Thanks to all of you for your selfless service to this country.


this breaks my heart. praying for his safe return.


These photos are incredible. I'm just someone who stumbled across your site when googling something unrelated and these photos made me step back and take stock of my day and my week and my life. This series of photos is deeply touching. Thank you for your family's sacrifice.

Nicky H

Oh My Lord. I just caught up on 9 posts (backwards, as it goes) and ended with this one. I have been married to an airmen for 14 years and in June he will be going on his first deployment. I am so doing this when he goes. You have brought tears to my eyes. Best wishes during this time.

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