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baaa ha ha ha!! out of the mouth of babes.


So how did you not bust a gut when she said that?


That is too funny!!


OMG. what a great start to my morning. LOL.LOL.Lol.Lol. Thanks for the giggle. Your BLOG is the best start to my day

nancy in ks


Seems like anytime we start to inflate with pride, there's always a little pin to let some of the air out.

But that comment will made her daddy's day....... as long as she doesn't know he's laughing.

tara pollard pakosta

haaaaaaaaaaaaa that's the funniest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh, how CUTE!!!!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

She really is too cute - and yes, you ARE a great mom!


LOL! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.


ha ha ha!

Leigh Ann

Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle! Parenting is a never-ending roller-coaster.
And, you and Josh and the kids are in my prayers. My husband was an Army officer when our girls were little and was often gone. It's not easy, but you can do this! God bless you.

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

Thats one of those mommy moments when you dont want to laugh right on the spot but you're practically dying to. Time out for sure:)


Don't you just love it?!!! That is so funny! Praying for all of you.


Thinking of you all and praying that Josh gets to come home soon. The card corruption with my Nikon drives me crazy.

Cathy B. of Il

Amazing what they will say...and think nothing of it. Too funny!! BTW - love the pink/black original tile in the shower...would kill for that!


OMG I love to start my day off with a belly laugh! That kid is way too adorable!


AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is so stinkin' funny. She is a riot! :)

Oh how I needed this! I love your kids!


that is just to darn cute. out of the mouths of babes. thanks for the giggle.


Too funny! Humbling, for sure!

security guard training

Sounds like the truth...


Hahaha! I love it...


Hilarious! My daughter did this church. Ugh.


HILARIOUS! Seriously, that cute little face, come on!?!

Tammy Mellish

Sam and I were in NYC on Saturday and while shopping in a store Sam asked me if the song playing just said " f'n sac " . I nearly fainted! He's 10 and it's the first time I've ever heard him say the word! And no.. he hadn't heard that in the song!

Yvonne C

OMG! That kid is hilarious!! I think a lot of us have been there, done that. It's so hard to keep a straight face when they say that sort of thing. Thanks for the laugh!


Wow I've missed a lot since not visiting do to summer time! I just went through and read the last few posts and wanted you to know that I have just finished praying for Josh Downs, you and your family! Thank you so much for sacrificing Josh Downs for our country! You and your kids are very brave! I will keep you in my prayer journal and look forward to celebrating Josh's return!

Tanya A

Hahahahahah! Thank you for the humor! Go Annie! Go you! :)

Mary Ann Jenkins

So darn funny!!! Oh you gotta love those "moments" too!


that made me laugh out loud :) and even with her saying that ...she is right about having a good mommy who starts teaching early :)


Classic...she's so right though! lol.


What a crack up!!! And so spot on, probably!! LOL


For the love of Pete!! AH, you crack me up! (I just told J the same thing today... the house is weird without him. Gone out to sea for just 2 weeks. Oh but it feels like a life time. Be well. Continue to smile)


Go Annie! Smart kid, that one. Thanks, Karen, for making me laugh so hard I cried!


Just say it like it is. :) My 12 yr old yelled out the "S" word while our tornado sirens were going off this Spring. I of course was thinking it, he just beat me to it. Oops!

Kristal Jones

Hahahahahaha! I almost spit out my drink!! Thank you for the chuckle. :)


deployments suck a_ _! sending a prayer of comfort.


OMgosh I wouldn't have been able to keep from laughing long enough to put her in time out!

That was a great story, seriously you have so many good ones you should be a sitcom because I'd watch every week! :)


Oh Karen, This is hysterical!!! How did you not laugh or did you??
BTW, I sent you an important email about the tamron lens. I am hoping that you can read it asap and respond. Feel bad to have to bother you with it but it is important. Thank you!!! And with every .. " If you are reading this Josh Downs" I tear up and say a prayer for you!!


hahahahaha!!! Well, she's right!

Nancy Wyatt

OMGosh that is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Rachel Z

HAHAHA! So how did you not laugh? Too funny.... My almost 3-yr. old said, "Don't step on the goose sh*t" the other day to my husband. I told my husband he had to talk to her about that one!! :)


How did you keep a straight face? My girl is only 2 and we can't keep it together. When she is a bit older ... oh boy! Got my Snapshots binder in the mail today - so excited to start!!

Gena - Michigan

:D Oh so funny! But I only say that because it happened to you and not me!


LOL~She's too funny, right out of the mouth of babes! You are a great mother and woman! :) Praying for you all!

from the Ocean State~Sylvia


Laughing so hard....Hilarious...great mom btw......:)

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