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Wow, Courtney Lee is beautiful! All of you children are!!! Thank you for your pictures and for the sacrifice that both you and Josh Downs are doing for all of us!!


Beautiful photos. I don't know how it is possible but your talent for taking awesome, awesome photos is better than ever! (I am so jealous.) I love watching your little family grow and interact. I, too, thank your for the sacrifices that your family is making for the benefit of our great country. God bless you.


Great pictures of the family & kids!


Love all of the photos!


Annie's swimsuit is adorable. Looks like y'all had a fun time.


Karen... I LOVE that last photo. The perspective on it is ah-MAZ-ing. You are my photography hero, seriously. And as the other commenters have already mentioned, your service to this country as a wife and mother of a soldier does NOT go unnoticed. And Josh Downs, if you're reading THIS... thank YOU and your fellow men for all that you do (and are doing) for this country!!

Aimee B. in Oregon

As always, your pictures are wonderful and so inspiring. I have a 6 year old little girl that has a similar shape as Miss Courtney Lee. I was hoping that you could tell me where her mom finds her adorable clothing at. Thank you, Aimee in Or.

Julie in Aust.

Love the first and last photos Karen...absolutely desperate to learn some photography skills from you but a bit hard way down here in about you all come down for a visit one day, and do some classes while you are here? Sydney's a good spot to stay for a while.

Good idea huh?

Thinking of you all...Hi Josh...stay safe!

Lisa Edney

Okay, training for my first Olympic Tri... in AZ Sept 25th. 6 miles in 105 heat? Kill me now! Can't wait to hear your tale! You've given me the inspiration to ACTUALLY PAY THE MONEY to run the race... I've been training but haven't buy my $ where my mouth is. :)

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