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Libbi M.

oh josh downs and karen... you are 2 very beautiful people. listening to that song as i write this comment. love it so very much and brings back high school memories. thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

Stacey H

oh Karen...My thoughts and prayers are with you and Josh and your family. My son is currently serving in Iraq and I can appreciate what you are going thru. Thank you for sharing this time away from Josh with your readers and fans. So many people do not understand what it means for a loved one to be serving, especially in a war zone.

much love,


Libbi M.

i completely agree with stacey's comment. and one more thought from me. i can see those photos printed in 8x8's or 12x12's and mounted on foam core and hung in your room as a lovely reminder. they are truly beautiful.

Rachelle S

(((hugs))) to you both~ thank you for Serving Josh and thank you family for helping him and missing him during his service.


Lovely photos with so much meaning. The song well, it says it all.


Aww, love that song! I'll be singing it all day now!:)


Beautiful photos and Praying for safety and SANITY for all of you! Thankful for your camera and those awesome shots to remind you of your love while he is away!


I have been against marriage for a long time. I hang out at my friends and cannot imagine why anyone, male or female, would voluntarily sign up for it. Watching my friends' parents fight, or even when they aren't fighting just the general treatment of each other justified my plan to travel and make money wife-free... but then I found this place, your blog, and while I know I do not see all the good and bad of your marriage what I do see (the pictures of this post, and all Thanksgiving football shots) make me think that all the people getting married are trying, searching, gambling for what you have. God speed for his safe return.

Nicole Ellison

i couldn't even finish listening to the song, even though I know it very well...but it brought tears to my eyes...just as the pictures did! Your love for each other is so strong! and so romantic and so thoughtful and so sweet!!! not many people get what you have! You keep those emails coming Josh Downs!!!!! She needs you!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I remember that song! Love how sweet you two are together! Keeping you in out prayers!


I swear, I can't read your blog with out crying these days. My heart hurts for your family. I can't imagine what it would be like to be without the Dad... I am so appreciative of Josh Down's courage and willingness to help fight for our country. Your family is in my prayers!

Ellen Patton

Very cool photos. And I love that song. :)

deAnne Wakefield

Karen -
Those are beautiful photos of the two of you! I've been meaning to write you since my son returned from his 7-mo tour in Afghanistan on 4th of July weekend and want to let you know that they come home and they come home safe. Our GOD is an awesome GOD and HE protects our men of faith in so many ways. HE not only protects them but also the other men and women they are fighting alongside of. My son had amazing stories of miracles that happened to him and his squad while over there. It gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes knowing that we have such a incredible, loving and very powerful GOD on our side. Josh is not only going to come home safe and sound, but he will also bring others to Christ as he serves alongside them. Hang in there sister, you have an amazing family! Your friend in Bend.


Karen, I've been praying for you for a very long time, I began reading your blog after I met you at one of your first photo workshops, {Annie was just one!} that's when I started praying for you. I can't even imagine how much you and the children must be missing Josh- and for him to be missing all of you. I pray for the US troops, when I know of someone that is serving I pray for that person and their family by name. Look to Psalm 121 for strength.

On a brighter note, we just vacationed in your neck of the woods, getting around the Grants Pass area was made easier because of your blog posts! Dutch Bros. coffee for one, is quite tasty, and this is coming from a tried and true "native to sbux-land" family! The best part was that when we told the barista it was our first time, she gave us all our drinks free of charge, {we left her a nice tip though!}


That Josh Downs is a prince. Picturing a busload of America's finest singing together makes me kinda sad, too. Stay strong. :)

Kate Bogucki

Josh and Karen you have an awesome family and although you don't know me my family and I thank you and your family for the sacrifices you are all making keeping the rest of us safe and free at home. We appreciate all you are giving up during your deployment and the risks you take while deployed. God bless America and God bless you and your family. I have only recently found your blogsite but I LOVE your photos and your family is adorable even the 4 legged ones as well. Your story of your daughter telling you you'd kick her #$@ made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!! I have a son who does the same things. Stay strong and thankyou again.

laura j

blessings to you and your family :)


Thanks Karen, I needed that too! It's the little things like a song shared with someone that reminds us to appreciate the love we have. You have a beautiful family!


What a sweet e-mail and what perfect pictures! I'm actually wearing the same top you have on in those shots today! Sending prayers for Josh Downs and your entire family Karen.


You are such an adorable couple. I can't imagine how much you miss each other. I,too, am sending prayers to you and your family.


Awww, Nellie, those are too sweet. I thought maybe they were his going away pics. I can't bear the thought of any of our guys being over there, but so glad they willingly choose to serve our country. I'm sure it makes the job more bearable having the love and support of their families behind them. And time is going by so fast these days, he'll be back in the blink of an eye. ;)


From what I get from your blog, I know the road wasn't easy to get where you are right now in life, and that were you are in life right now in this exact moment may not be ideal, but you have a wonderful love story! Thank you so much for sharing...what I feel, is a true heart. God Bless America, God Bless our Troops and Gob Bless Josh Downs! (Don't know him but can't help but call him that!)


oh man! you guys are too cute!!


Breathtaking...the photos, the song and the hope your blog gives the rest of us. Very thankful for Josh Downs, everyone who serves and the families who sacrifice so much for our great Nation.


Love Love Love these photo's so very beautiful!


Love these photos of you two. Josh Downs, Thank you for the sacrifice you are making for our freedom. Karen & Kids, Thank you for the sacrifice you make as a military family.


Love these great photos and ALL of the photos you share! Thank you, Josh Downs, for all that you are doing for our country!

Susan Ringler

The tears are flowing and the gratitude for Josh serving, but also for the technology-filled world we live in now that you and all our families serving can be in more often and easily these days. When I was MUCH younger (as you will see from the war) I was dating a marine during the Vietnam war and I remember the excitement and thrill of the mailbox every day! Letters are still a great thing but Thank God for the internet and Thank God for Josh and all our servicemen. Thank you, Karen, for keeping us real, sharing the love in those gorgeous photos and all you share of your family. You have no idea how many days you touch my heart so much! Hugs and prayers.


Praying for you Karen. I can't imagine how tough it is for you right now. We JUST had our first baby and I look up to you and how you managed to do this more than once. I feel so emotional right now. I have never met you but I appreciate your authentic spirit and attitude. You keep it so real. Keep being you. Know you are supported all the way from Canada.

teresa b

Great shots.. you can feel the love coming from these photos...I can't help but get all chocked up reading your blog lately. Tears!! I love that song!! Our Best man is over there now..prayers to all the men and women out there and the families waiting for there safe return...and thank you for sharing..


That good looking AND romantic??? You BOTH won the prize.

 ♥ Debbie

These really capture the love between Harriet & Valentine! They should be made into a big canvas and hung in your house!!

Ellie A.

OH those are the most beautiful pictures :) So love them!


Well that just took me right back to high school :) Love those shots...I can see I'll be tearing up a lot while Josh is away. Hang in there my friend!


I can't come here and read you blog and look at your pictures without getting all teary eyed! Beautiful pictures of the 2 of you!


Over 40 years ago my husband left for basic training while I finished up my student teaching. I can still remember the ache of separation and I feel that ache for you. We were young newlyweds facing the Vietnam mess -- lots of fear. Now we've raised our family and are almost retired and still together. Love is the greatest gift of all...

Miz Boo

I love your beautiful, touching images!!! What a treasure!

And the image of the troops singing that song on a bus....that needs to be in a movie.


Thank you for making me cry this morning. :) The look on Josh's face while looking at you in the first shot is priceless and so romantic.... *sigh* ....

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