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Great photo's I am envious of your great focus! I finally ventured out tried my hand at manual and fireworks and I actually got a couple of pretty good shots for my first time out LOL!


I dont know...your 'favorite shot ever' is pretty awesome...great night shots...I can take like 75 night shots and only get 3 possible good ones.


I love the boat pictures. What kind of settings were you using?


I've been meaning to post this: you should totally hook your sister up with Josh's brother..they would make a cute couple (if neither is married or dating that is). :-)


photos are great, I too love your favourite getting on the boat photo and who says you can't have a favourite, favourite in every post. An awesome shot, the mood, the moon, go rock girl. Annie makes me laugh with her strawberries, Sienna (also 5) loves her strawberries as much as Annie does. 2 weeks ago we went strawberry picking, took the camera, expodisc, all ready for some awesome shots and no CF card (back home in the computer) OMG.....was I disappointed. Luckily the kids Pop had his SLR so I borrowed that. I think I agree with you on the fireworks sometimes it's more important to be in the moment with the kids and Josh taking it all in. Love your picks. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


OMGosh!! Your favorite shot ever is mine as it! Looks like a wonderful 4th of July!! Oh, and I'm very sorry but I really laughed at your story about Coley and his new ball....I've done the same thing to my the time I tried to play tennis with my daughter. She was about 6 or 7 years old, I served the ball and hit her right in the eye with the ball...not at all funny but looking back we all laugh about it and let me tell you she will NEVER let me forget it! ( and she's 25 now! )


I need to remember to just enjoy the fireworks show next year. I feel like I didn't see them except through my lens and my shots weren't that great anyway. Great shots as always and I don't blame you for using the word favorite frequently. There are so many good ones!


Love love love all the boat photos. It gives me goose bumps to think how you will feel when you look at these captured moments in ten years or so. What wonderful memories, recorded perfectly. Lucky family!,

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love them all but the boat shots are amazing! Karen Russell, you rocked it, as always!


That is a pretty awesome shot, Nellie!!!


I camped in a similar locale...kept wondering if I would see you around. The mosquitoes where HORRIBLE! My daughter came home with a whopping 71 bites...she's a little anti-bug repellant!

karen eyink

re: training wheels. Try taking off the training wheels and the pedals and let her just "scoot" around and she will totally get the balance game on a bike. After she is really really good at this put pedals back on and she will ride. Forget training wheels I did them with my oldest two and it took forever and the 3rd child I did this method only and he was riding at three and a half.

Judy Webb

The best shot, the one with Cole's nose in the book. Yea!, for reading. Happy Summer


Love the shots at night!


Good for you for being in the moment. The last few years I've done the experimenting, and when it's all done, and i don't have the 'favorite' shot, i wished i have just watched instead! :)


Your favorite shot is my favorite shot. Love it!

Jan from Canada

I Luv your favorite shot :) and watching fireworks on the water sounds heavenly :)



I agree with your favourite shot - although it's aways hard to decipher seeing as most of your shots are so lovely. I smiled when I saw Courtney drinking her fizzy drink on the boat - you'd mentioned in a previous post about how they were getting one a day while away and that Courtney saved hers up until the last possible moment.


Ahh... I love the sunburst off of Annie's helmet ... the little things! :)


You have to tell me where you got that adorable helmet that Annie was wearing? Cute with a capital "C". Beautiful shots as always....I really need to take your class :)

Cathy B

I love your 'favorite' photo and all the other night shots. Night shots are something I strive to improve on all the time


Beautiful Karen, you take amazing photos, all of yours are my favorites.

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