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i am so utterly in love with you and your blog...thank you for sharing your photos and the charming, inspiring details of your beautiful, intentional life. you are a blessing, karen. love,love,love every single tidbit you post. thanks!!!


Such a fun post Karen!! I'm going to try and blog my vacation photos this way next time. I never get to them because there are so many!! And I am thinking those men of yours wore those wet suits backwards to show those chests of theirs:) And you went along thinking those men were just smart! The children are beautiful and so happy Ross joined you for what looks likes a great family vacation! I've got to get to the West Coast. It's on my bucket list! xx

Rachelle S

Wonderful photos! LOVE the wetsuits on backwards~ Whoops! : )


I LOVE Josh Downs' face in the last picture. I am still giggling thinking about his pursed lips and furled forehead! :) HILARIOUS!

Judy Webb

My favorites....Annie and Shelby!! So glad your family now has a dog!

Stephanie B.

Oh Ilove Little house on the Prairie.. need to tell my husband that he has to bought me....;o) In Germany its called "unsere kleine Farm"
Thanks for sharing you holiday.... It felt like I have been there too....


Seriously, where do I start?
I, of course, love the ones of Annie and Shelby!
AND I almost died when I saw the wet suits on backwards! Love the 3 of you with the boards!
The backpack over the head! And the frowning Courtney Lee stirring cookie dough! Love them all.


I can tell this is SO not California, where I am from, since your dog was actually able to enjoy the beach with you.


I just want to say that your photography just keeps getting better and better! (I took your class and loved it. But, I'm still working on being a photographer, not just a "picture taker.")

I am so very thankful that you share your life and your talent with all of us.


so funny! Annie with that backpack.

My son who's 12 tried surfing for the ast time this year when we went to the beach. He got up the very 1st time!!!!
and then that's all he wanted to do the rest of the week!

Thanks for sharing with us!

mandy friend

have you seen the new hallmark Little House? I was pleasently surprised at how good it was (though Michael Landon shall always be Pa). Annie's swimsuit is adorable! i have always wanted to try surfing...but fat girls with no coordination probably wouldn't bode well:D looks like a beautiful little spot you found!


So glad all of the kids made it on this vacation with you. Looks like a delightful getaway!


The wetsuits made me LOL. My husband went clamming this past weekend. I did take pictures too. He asked me to zip his suit. I asked him why he was putting it on backwards. He said I was a knucklehead and that it zips in the back. I like the way the Josh Down's family wears their wetsuits!!

J. McC.

Love that everyone is sitting on the floor eating and Ross has the whole couch to himself. That cracked me up! Great pictures.

Rachel Wright

How? How? HOW????? do you get your people to behave as if you are NOT there? I am always saying QUIT looking at me, If I wanted you to pose I would ASK! :)


wow-they're really rivited by little house,eh? awesome :)


The wetsuits on backwards cracked me up! The last picture of everyone intently watching Little House on the Prairie while Ross looks completely uninterested in the background also made me laugh. :-)


love the photos and the wet suits on back the front cracked me up.......... oh how I know how that cooking goes, she got 2 more stirs with the spoon than I did, it's my turn etc. etc.... the one of Josh through the window and then back at home is so cute. Hey they are all cute, and Annie and the dog.....

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

love these! can't wait for more... looks like a great trip! (and yes, Little House was the best, and I totally cried when Michael Landon died. )


first-you're my hero for trying to surf (even if you never managed to get up), i've always wanted to but the fear of the ocean (probably from watching Jaws a million times) and the fact that i couldn't really swim until 2 years ago when i forced myself to learn so i could do a triathlon, anyway, i ramble. oh, and, i'm not super coordinated with "balancing" things-still, i've always wanted to try.

second, we love Little House and my daughter got the first season for Christmas too:)


love Annie with the backpack on her head...too funny! All you shots are great!!


Courtney Lee is such a gorgeous little girl... prepare yourselves.


Ok I have to say it . . . You ROCK! Your blog rocks. Love this post. Thanks for sharing your family and life with all of us. Lori


You appear to have a happy joyful family. I never tire of pictures of your family, do they? Are they good subjects? And that Josh Downs, adorable !

 ♥ Debbie

I ♥ seeing photos of your dog!! I'm with ya on the Bratwurst (Ick) and I ♥ Little House!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time....backward wetsuits and all!!


Just wanted to pop in & tell you how much I l.o.v.e. the picture of Courtney in the hot tub. I love the color, the look on her face, everything about it. Looks like you guys had a great time (and who cares if you wore your wet suits wrong?)!


I love that your family watches LHOTP....I had my 3rd graders watching it last year when it was too hot outside for recess. They LOVED it!! Even the boys!

Rachel Z

This post and the pictures are just hilarious. My husband is wondering why I'm sitting over here cracking up! Oh, and I love Little House on the Prairie - I own the complete hardcover set of books and loved the show. Yup, I'm a nerd!


I love that your wetsuits are on backwards, made me smile. We'll be praying for your family and especially your hubby as he is away. All the best to you Karen!
love, Christine


Once again, I am living vicariously through your wonderful family vacation ... thank you for sharing, Karen!

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