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These photos are just breathtaking-- alll of them!!! You are just always such a blessing and inspiration-- and I want to be YOU when I grow up--- as a photographer!!


Okay, next time Josh grills steak you have to make this
it is the best corn I have ever tasted and keep in mind that I live right next to Iowa so corn is kind of a staple. Love the puppy by the way. That last picture of Annie melts me(like butter on corn)


Karen all of your pictures are just precious as always! I really enjoy living vicariously through your family photos and all of the trips and day to day life photos you create. I can't wait to see your family photos taken by your friend - hope those are coming soon! :) P.S. Thanks for the vodka drink recipe - sounds YUMMY! *GRIN*


I'm dying over that last picture of Annie and the pup . . . her sweet cooing, his contented face, far-too-big paws. Be still my heart.


Coley's comment - oh I love it. I laughed our loud on how you explained it! Love seeing your vacation photos - great memories for y'all!


That last shot is T-H-E sweetest photo. Love it!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

that Coley sure is dreamy! And these photos are all fantastic, but the last one is oh so very very sweet! Karen - you teach us how to be better photographers and moms - your kids are all adorable and sweet.


Loved this cute!And the quite a liking thing made me laugh! And your kids are pretty adorable too!


Loving your trip so far, and that last picture of Annie and her puppy is unbearably adorable.


Love that hot tub pic with everyone lined up. These pictures are awesome - I really like Annie looking through the window! Can't wait to see your family pics :)


"Quite a liking"!! so funny...I laughed out loud! Wait a few years, he'll really take "quite a liking" to those girls...totally cute! Love Annie with her puppy in the last shot. And the shots of the kids playing with sidewalk colorful and Courtney is just a beautiful girl!

Tammy Mellish

I have taken 'quite a liking' to you and your family over the years and just when I think it's not possible to like and love you more, I just do! :) The kids are so beautiful and Annie and the new pup- be still my heart! That picture!!! So glad you have had this time together.. so deserved, so important. XO

Ann S

LOL...Coley's so cute using that expression. You got me with that last shot of Annie and her pup. That is absolutely precious!


I am STILL craving that drink by the way....I need to know what vodka you used in it.... :)

and you should be honest about the fact that you WERE in fact making the most amazing tomato salad things for us to eat so you were in fact; cooking :)

and my girls took "quite a liking" to you kiddos as well....Cant wait to do it again and yes, I PROMISE it will be a sleepover get together (Coley made me swear to it) :)



Gorgeous photos! But my favorite is the last one of Annie and her puppy. It's the sweetest thing! Maybe not as sweet as Coley taking quite a liking to the girls. He is just adorable. :)

Theresa Grdina

I have taken "quite a liking" to that last picture of Annie and the dog! LOL!!! It is an adorable, ADORABLE! photo!!!!!


Must tell you about the best summer drink - use the flavored vodka's! Pinnacle makes a line that is delish- the whipped cream vodka, sprite and cranberry juice ! YUMMY. They also make one called Gummy that tastes like Swedish Fish and Cotton Candy - I have just mixed them with sprite and they are equally fab! Love the vacation shots - looks like a nice place!


Of course I love all the pictures, the one of Cole levitating as he is drawing is great! But the last one was so sweet I got teary! Annie and her puppy!

nancy in ks

That last picture is to die for.

Please keep us informed how you keep that adorable furball from chewing up all your furniture.


I love how Annie's toes are curled in the last photo... and it goes unsaid that the rest of the photos are amazing!!!

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