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It reminds me about the time I was going to make a fortune selling chestnuts that fell from our neighbor's tree. Big plans do not always mean big success. ;)

Julie Cone

I adore her pouty face


Oh for Pete's sake! That is absolutely the cutest/saddest thing ever! Get the poor kid a kitten!


Poor thing-such a sad face! Get the girl some strawberries!


This reminds me of the time my grandmother told me the secret to catching birds. "You just have to put a little salt on the end of their tail", she said. I spent the entire day with a salt shaker, chasing birds, not realizing that if I could get close enough to put salt on their tail, I could just pick them up! Kids brains are so fun!


Too cute! Reminds me so much of my 6 yr old son. Exactly something he would do. ;)


Try a five year old determined to catch a fairy!!! She has been at it for a year and a half and says she will NEVER give up!!! We can't convince her other wise...


I used to always do that! I would take the top of the cage (the wire part), and set it outside with lots of food under it. then under one side prop it up with a little stick or piece of wood, and attach a string to that piece of wood. thread the long string inside your house through a window. then sit inside and quietly watch. when one goes in there, you pull the string, and he's caught! We would always just let them go- so much fun!


Oh my goodness...what a cute! Tell her to catch fireflies :)


Such wonderful memories she will be able to look back on :)


That is so cute! Love the determination :)

Wendy Molnar

Oh my. I have never seen discouragement look so cute. What a little sweetie. Those darn birds.... This is why I always buy lots of lemonade from our neighbour kids' stand in the summer!




These are so very beautiful. I feel like I would have known the back story without any comments by mom.


oh, bother!


These are so darn cute


I was at the park with my 3yo little Princess one day and she was chasing some birds around - I thought it was kinda cute, kinda funny.....until she came back all upset becuase "why won't the birdies come and sit on her FINGER???" and then I thought...."damn you, Disney!!" ;) Little girls are so funny!

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