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aaron brown

In Texas we call that "Redneck Golf" and it must be played with a Shiner in your other hand! (I am pretty sure that I have seen Josh Downs drinking Shiner) Anytime you are in Texas you come on over, there is always a game of redneck golf and cold Shiner or Lonestar here!


Looks like a great time and wonderful memories :)


Here is Alberta we call it Cowboy Golf! I'll leave you to figure out how it got that name. Here's a hint; something to do with prairie oysters!


And we call it Hillbilly Horseshoes. :)


Around here we call it Ladder Ball.

I adore Annie's strawberry face!!


Another vote for ladder ball. Bocce is more of a bowling (kind of) game.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

It looks like you all had a lot of fun! You're making some great memories for your family, ad you look amazing!


Oh, Iove the one of you and your skills!
And the strawberry face one of Annie! Love it! And the one of her eating the strawberries!


We call it ladderball too. Bocce ball is like lawn bowling...kinda sorta.


you got those great shots while on a horse!!! Man I cant wait till September for your class :)

Julia Spencer

We call it Ladderball as well.


Just wanted to say the running & whatever other changes you've made are paying off. You look slim and happy! Congrats on both counts!


Being an Italian gal and having all my Italian family play at gatherings.....I do think Bocce is a lawn game. Pretty sure the above is correct as we too call it Ladder Ball. But I guess all that matters is you all had fun and your pictures are beautiful. Capturing great family moments. I would of jumped off that horse and ran with all those mosquitos:)


I can't imagine a better July 4th weekend. Lovely photos.

Dana F.

Annie's can-i-pleeeeeease-have-strawberries photo is one of my all-time favorites!! So cute!


Our Italian family ( that i married into ) plays Bocci Ball, it's a lawn game, played with balls that you roll on the ground. The game you were playing is ladder ball...which is a great game!! Awesome them all!


I have no clue what that game is called but we received a set and it lasted one game with my boys before it broke! Bummer! It looks like fun! Hah!

Your posts always make me smile, Karen!


In the northeast we call it Ladderball as well, isn't it a fun game, no matter what it's called.


We in the midwest call it ladder ball. Bocci is a game that you place with balls that roll on the ground. Don't you love getting corrected over and over on the internet :)

Beautiful pictures as always, Karen. I'm so glad you are blogging again. We missed you!

Yvonne C

Had to chime in on the ladder ball too. Here in my neck of the northwoods (Minnesota), we call it Pollish Golf. Love the pic of Annie needing strawberries! Great stuff!

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