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My maiden name is Tucker so I have a soft spot for dogs named Tucker, and there are lots of them.
When you sister crinkles her nose, she looks like you!
We have a rule, no pop before 10 am. And the kids, 15 and 21 still stick to the rule. We don't keep it around because one of them would drink it all day if no one was looking.
Have you seen the jumbo marshmallows at Walmart? We have them here so I'm assuming you have them there.


So totally enjoyed catching up on your blog. Annie is looking more like her Daddy, with those brown eyes! Looks like you've been up to some fun lately, keeping the kiddos out of trouble - LOL!!


Looks like such a fabulous 4th! Thanks for sharing so many photos.

Stacey H

you had me chuckling at each photo and the journaling! thanks for sharing! You Rock!



I love family traditions and love seeing your happy family shots...oooh that fire looks nice and warm. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I love everything about traditions. We did smore's too...... After sunsets at the beach:)But nobody in our group says "NO" to smore's!!Oh that silly Annie will learn one day what she was missig. Nice of Josh to let Coley do the mans work (next time shoes!)and those children grow more beautiful with every shot!!! xx


So much fun! Have you seen the GIANT marshmallows? I made a mountain pie using bread, dark chocolate & one GIANT marshmallow...YUM! Next best thing to a smore :)

jen j

We play OSU Monopoly at our house too.

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