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Patty Hetrick

This is so freakin' funny! I have been wondering about Josh Downs' foot but never thought to ask. Thank you to the reader who posed the question! Isn't it funny how things get all crazy in a matter of minutes and we don't know what direction we're heading? And just for the record, here in Florida I bet most runners don't mind running in 67 degrees:) Well, when you compare it to the mid to high 90's it is definitely a better alternative.


Lovely story! And thanks for the update, I was wondering what I'd missed! I was slightly confused when you said it was "already" 67 degrees though- I live in Texas so 67 sounds like fall compared to our 100 degree summer!

Ellen Patton

Your blog is one of my faves; thanks for keeping things real.

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Okay, this might be my favorite blog post ever. ;-)

I, too, was wondering about Josh Down's foot, but figured I'd missed something along the way. Thanks for clearing that up!!

And your running quandary sounds all too typical for me. I can always come up with a few thousand reasons to skip it, but am always glad when I don't! I totally love Andy Stanley, and am thinking his podcasts might be a good idea for my next jog! :-)


Love the part where he thought you drove to work to make up and he realized he'd driven and made up with you!


Ahhhhhhhhhh......Thanks for telling me that the third part is on the website! I've been waiting for a while for it in itunes. Stupid!
If I wasn't married to my husband (Josh too!), I'd be married to Andy Stanley. Except he has Sandra and he lives in Atlanta and I live in Rhode Island and I'm QUITE certain he doesn't know I exist! :D

Poor Josh (yours)! I hope he continues on the mend!

Michelle Adams

He did want me to listen to it today, so thank you, thank you very much! :)


I love how real you are...that is what I miss when you are away.

mandy friend

this was a good one. total and complete randomness. i wondered too about josh downs ankle but was not cordial enough to ask about it:D do you ever listen to Ravi Zaccarius (sp?) he's amazing too. and you should listen to KDOV in the mornings...i think it's 91.7 in CP? 88.7 in GP. maybe some of Josh's political views would rub off on ya;)


I love your blog so much - even when you think you're rambling and wasting our time. You're not! I wondered why JD was on crutches in your last 3 posts but didn't want to be nosy. Glad he finally listened to your "advice" and got it checked out and is now finally on the mend. I've never heard Andy Stanley but will Google him to check him out. Think how many people you shared your testimony with today :-) My pastor has said that there are no coincidences. God has a plan - we just need to be quiet and listen. P.S. 67 degrees sounds cold to me. Have a beautiful day!


Okay, so my day has been like that since I got up but my argument/disagreement was with my best friend/sister in law and she hung up on me!! So the rest of the day went down hill because I still felt badly that she too was having a bad day. I went to the gym too even though I was grumpy. I wanted to crawl back into bed and ignore the world. But I was forced by something greater than me to go buy more perrenials for the garden and plant in the rain. Things feel a little better right now.
Thanks for keeping it real Karen. Always happy when you blog:)
I will listen to your Podcast tonight.


Love, love, love your realness and life stories and family and photos. Please don't ever stop-it would break a lot of hearts.


Ah man, I love listening to Andy Stanley. Lately I've been doing it while on a morning walk and I so get what you're saying.

Kelly C

ha ha..that is SO something my husband and I would do! I get mad and he stays so "cordial" as well and it drives me mad and crazzzeeee and even more upset!
And the running part..I run to keep my sanity! In fact my daughter was channeling me the other day when she told her dad she had "to go for a run to feel better." :)
And I too was wondering why he was in crutches! Glad everyone feels better! Cute post.

kathy b

My first thought when you mentioned that you were going for a run was "oh ya, Oregon, it's cooler there". But 67 is getting on the warm side, I agree. Hope the rest of your day was better
Andy Stanley is the man!

 ♥ Debbie

Great post!!! I think it's so sweet that Josh called you! Thanks for the story about the crutches.....I was so curious! I really admire your ability to stick with this running & marathon training! I fear I'd seize up if I tried running just to the end of the driveway! Hope the rest of your day was great!


67 is warm? Goodness it was over a hundred here today!
It's sweet how things happen, both with Josh thinking you drove to make up with him, and how you heard the podcast you needed to hear today. I love when that happens!


Oh, my! I need to hear that too!!! After 15 years of marriage...

Love Andy Stanley!!! (And his father, Charles, but you already know that because I've said it a hundred times on here already. lol)


I remember you telling me about Josh's injury back when Jeff had broken his foot. But...oh man...Josh had really been through it!! Jeff was so thankful he didn't need surgery. Hope everything heals well and he can get back to running. Jeff is up to 12 for a marathon in September and then if all goes well with the registration he will be heading to Boston next April!! I just watched Andy the pod casts....thanks!

stephanie ackerman

seriously love you, your thoughts, words...and your lovely life....and wish that our creative paths would cross...I think we would laugh...alot!

laura j

i so love it when i come to your blog and see a new post! love the stories of your life!

Kelly B.

THANK YOU for making me crack up that I am not the only person who actually thinks like this! I was one of the "nosy" and probably overly cordial (no, just nosy!) readers that asked about Josh thinking I had missed something. So, thanks for explaining! My husband had that whole pride thing when he tore his meniscus mowing the lawn! (Slipped on wet grass on the hill..) I have never listened/watched Andy Stanley, but take heart that it was a sign, because I shall download (after a kids shows me how) it onto my ipod for my trip to the gym! I, too, am in Oregon-will probably rain tomorrow, but praying for a little sunshine-since it is summer and all! Thanks!


Karen, I know this probably means nothing. I'm a "small town" blogger :), but I have a list of 4 "favorites" and you are the only blogger that made that list. Love your blog, love your photos, love your stories.

Ashley S.

I appreciate that you keep things real on your blog and don't just sugar coat your life. I also appreciate and admire that you share your faith with us.

Also, I was just reading the post above mine and saw that she mentioned that your blog is on her favorites list so I will mention that your blog is also on my short list of favorites (also four total). I look forward to new posts from you (even though I don't comment on every one).

Liz Walker

You often make me giggle and so often it's just what I need .. so thank you .. for sharing!


Ok, you pretty much blew me away with that 67 being too hot to run. I thought you were going to say it was too cold. I forgot where you are for a second. If I'm not out the door to run (I'm in S. Fl) by 6:30 AM, I'm in trouble. But only because the sun is not up yet and it's only 78 with a heat index of over 80 with the wicked morning humidity we have. I WISH it was 67!

Also, I have been thinking lately of trying to switch to podcasts or audio books instead of music and I will check out Andy Stanley. Thanks for the idea :)


Susan Bowers

God is absolutely GOOD like that. And I adore your posts. You make me laugh - which just happens to be my most favorite thing to do.


I still can't get over the 67 degrees being too hot to run part. It's been in the 80s at 5:00am where I am and it feels positively refreshing compared to the 100's later in the day. lol.


Yes, it is a sign, you were meant to post it and introduce me to Andy Stanley :)
Thanks for sharing

Katie Johnson

Karen we love your randomness. It's real life, and you have such a sense of humor and I love your writing. Thanks for keepin' it real!

Sarah K

Funny you mentioned that sermon series. It is one of my all time favorites. I think it should be required listening for every couple. This morning I was just looking at a little post-it note I made to remind my self to go back and listen to them all again, but especially part three, and then I had this confirmed by your post today. I think I'm off to relisten to part three. Happy running & happy loving on your hubby.

Yvonne C

You totally made me laugh with your story about how Josh was being cordial to you when he left. My husband does the same thing to me. We can be arguing about something trivial and I will be totally riled up and he has to go to work or go somewhere and he will say something sweet and it usually irritates me. But like you said, I would be even more irritated if he didn't say anything! Men....I think some of them actually have us figured out (kind of....)
Have a great day!

Roberta Smith

I love how God uses a variety of ways to teach us...and I love how you shared your experience. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pics!

teresa b

Don't know why I'm all teary eyed after reading your post.. I'm such a what I needed to hear..I will have to check out Andy Stanley.. thanks for being you and hope Josh heals back to perfection!!


just what i needed to hear today....bookmarking it so i can listen again and again until it sinks in. :)

Brandi Talmadge

Thank you for sharing the link to Andy Stanley - I'm signing up as we speak and am delighted to have another person to hear the gospel from. I'm a follower of Joyce Meyer and love her delivery of the message as well. God Bless!


67 degrees is too hot to run? Girlie, come on down Dallas way. Anything below 100 is considered pleasant.

Heather Freeman

Karen Russell, you make me smile! Thank you!

Lindsey. T.

Ankles are so not fun! My second parents were in Hawaii for a week and I was home alone at their place. Slipped and fell on their back patio and had to pull myself back into the house. Turns out the phone company was down and I had literally locked myself in the house,so when I did get ahold of my parents, they had to go through the back alley and then I rolled out on the office chair to the ER. Missed finals and was in a boot, soft cast, and various other splints plus surgery (and being off of work during our busiest season). Although I am walking fine now, they say it takes a year to fully heal from.

Cathy B

What a lovely story! A Lesson to us all and I can't wait to listen to the podcast myself. :)


Ok - so...
a) I'm so glad you finally explained what happened to Josh Downs because all the spring break photos of him on crutches were killing me, and I wanted to email you and ask, but figured that you were busy and if you wanted us to know, you'd tell us. So, I put my patience panties on (my new favorite phrase and waited). And, it was a great 30 seconds. just sayin'

b) You have the coolest husband ever - except for that whole Republican thing - which I can almost forgive - but well, I'll still admit that he's cool.

c) But what REALLY made me sit up and take notice in this post is the "whining" about how hot it was going to be for your run... but uhm, it was like 67? I'm sitting here thinking - and I just went to boot camp in 110 degree weather at 6:00 at night and SHE's calling 67 HOT? Seriously, I'm wearing gloves and a hat when I work out in 67 degree weather! LMAO! :)


I laughed out loud at your 67 degrees and its hot!! I live in Arkansas and I run in the morning at 7am when the temp is only about 75-80. Goodness knows I could never run in the middle of the day when it's above 100 degrees. I guess everything is relative. Love your blog. My husband and I are huge fans of Andy Stanley and his wonderful podcasts! Such a communicator! Been wondering about Josh's leg too. thanks.

Jan From Canada

Love your "realness"



if you think 67 is hot then try Texas, it's already been 105 and it's not even the "really hot month" yet. I have to get up at 6am to walk and then it's mid-70's, no joke. Glad you stuck with the run :)

Janna Jennings

I'm going to check out your podcasts. I love reading your blog. It cracked me up that you hate running when it's hot - at 67 degrees. Our low tonight is supposed to be 76. It feels like it's over 100 out there right now. Thanks for sharing. I hope Josh is better soon.

Janna Jennings

Ok, now I'm going to google "downloading podcast to iphone" to see if I can figure out how you get them on there. My 8 yr old could probably do it, but he's playing with a friend right now...


I finally got them loaded on my iPhone. Thanks for suggesting this. I've listened to #1, and it's great stuff. Definitely needed by everyone in a relationship.


Every time I come back after taking a break from the computer, I read something on your blog that I really needed to read and this is definitely a gold nugget for me. Your blog is absolutely my favorite. I second Ashley S. and also appreciate how you keep it real and tell it like it is and share your faith with us! Your family photos and stories always put a smile on my face and so often I can really relate to what you are saying. Thanks for being you!

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