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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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rhonda nickol

I just love your photos and I would love to see some of your scrapbook layouts.


Want to enter??? OMG! I've been waiting years! It never works out that I can take the class, online or in person. AND NOW I have a brand new camera!!!

Katie Vaughan

Oh, someone will be VERY happy!!! Thanks for the chance!

Deb Wisker

I'd love the chance to audit your class. Crossing my fingers!!

Kelly B

I would love to win a spot!! Thanks for the opportunity :)


Oh yes.. I'd love to enter in for a seat!!

Just hoping to get to register this time around!!


This would be an awesome opportunity for me!


I would love to audit this class!!


I would LOVE to be entered for a spot in your would be so amazing!

Judy Grubbs

Wow, I would love to win a spot in your class.

Ashley Stephens

I'd love to audit this class- have been eying it for a year now! Thanks for the opportunity!


I'd love to win a spot in your class!


Sign me up! I am a big fan and would love the chance to win a spot. :)


Awesome opportunity Karen. Thanks for offering a free spot. Hope I win :)

Lori Schweiger

What a great opportunity - I would love a chance to take your class.


Oh wow! Would LOVE to win this :D


It would be so great to get a seat!! Thanks for the chance!!

Leah S

this would make an awesome 40th birthday present!!! Might be the only part of turning 40 I would like ;)

Heather (in Scotland)

Thanks for offering the course and the chance to win a free seat. :)

Adam S

I would love to win this to give to my wife for her birthday!


Me too! I'd love to enter for a chance to audit your class.


This would be a dream come true! :) I NEED this class! Thanks for the chance to win!


I would love to have the opportunity to audit your class! I just got a new DSLR and your class sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance!

Jennifer Wuthrich

Karen! I would love to win a spot!!! Thanks for the chance!

Leslie N

I would love to win a seat a in the class, I wasn't able to take it last time around.


I would love to audit your class!

Anne Abris

I would love to have this opportunity! Thank you for the chance!


I would be thrilled to win a spot!!


I would love a seat in class! I need it badly! Thanks!


What a fabulous prize! I've really been wanting to take this class!

Jeanette B

Woo hoo, I would lOVE to win this!! Thanks so much Karen for the offer!


OMG! I so love your work! That would be the best present ever!

Ashley S.

Thanks for the chance to win Karen!


I would sooOOoo LOVE to win!! Crossing my fingers!!

kristi hobson



I would love to win a place in your class.

Christina Davis

You're pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of photography with us!

Lora Beth Baysden

Thanks for offering a "win" seat!


This is awesome, someone will be very lucky to have the opportunity to win a spot in this class.I hope it's me. Thank you Karen


I would absolutely love to join you in the upcoming Photographer's Workshop! I have felt myself drifting away from my camera and I would love to turn it around and fall in love with photography all over again. I love your top image in this post Karen! Love it! Thank You for the chance to enter :-)

Melissa F

Oh, I would love that chance to win a spot, thanks for the chance!

Erin Harris

I would love a chance to win a seat in the class!


I LOVED your class. I've taken a few in person and online- and your is the BEST! I'd love to audit it again just to be in the forum asking questions and reading your critiques- you're fabulous!

Carolyn Peeler

I would love the chance to win a spot in your class Karen. Thanks for offering.


I would love an audit seat in your class. I loved it the first time and a re-fresher is always good!


oh wow this would be a dream come true, one to check off the bucket list!!


I'd love the chance to audit! Thanks!

rebecca keppel

please please please please, let the photography gods shine down on me today!

Jen R.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot! You have always been so generous to all of us! :)

Yvonne Michelle

OMG! I loved your class sooooooooo much when I took it the summer of 2009. It sucked that my dad died that first week, and my kids were all in Wyoming. To take it again in September when we have gorgeous weather, my kids are here, and I could put a little focus in it would be WONDERFUL!


It would make my summer if I won a spot in this class! Thanks for the chance!


I would love an opportunity to take this class.

Rachel Carmichael

Thanks so much Karen - you have great advice and wisdom to pass on.

Cathi Wyatt

Thank you for the opportunity! I'm going to try and get in the class!

Heather Topich

I'm going to try to get in anyway, but winning a spot would be even better!


Oh yes please!! I'd love to audit your class. :)

teresa meadows

I loved taking your class... would mind doing it again.. thanks for offering this...


So hoping to audit this round! I definitely need the help to get to the next level.

Sherry G

Wonderful opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win an audit spot. What a dream come true that would be. I'm going to have my fingers poised for a regular registration spot too though...


Wooooo! I would love a spot. I took it last summer and loved it!

teresa meadows

oops... should have said.. "Wouldn't"


Yes, please! Would love to win a spot!

Kimberly L.C.

An auditing spot is exactly what I would love to have, so please choose me!


Winning a spot would be like winning the lottery!

Helen Walsh

I'd love to be able to audit and refresh my memory! Good lockup everyone! X


oh goodness! This would be perfect. I just got my first ever dslr for my 30th!! I have no clue what I am doing ;) Thank you so much!!!!! fingers crossed


Count me in for a chance!!

Michele Y

Would love to have a redo! I miss the easy environment you group creates.
have a great weekend!


Thanks for the generous opportunity! I would love to win a spot in your clas!

Karen McConaughey

You can never, ever not learn something new! Love it!!


I would love to win a seat! I have a great camera I would love to learn how to use since I have 3 beautiful daughters who LOVE having their pictures taken :)


would LOVE to win a spot for friend of mine :)

Yvonne Wunderlich

I would love to win a seat in your class. Your photo's are absolutely amazing and I would love to have the opportunity to learn from you. Oh, I hope I win!!

Debi Martin

Oh, Karen! I need you!

Joann Baer

I took this class about 18 months ago. It was some of the best money I have ever invested in my career!! I would be tickled to win a seat... Cause that would be my cake and eating it too!!


Would totally love to win a seat!

Sharon H. - Texas

Have a new camera and would absolutely LOVE being able to audit this class. Thanks for the chance.


How could I not enter? I would love a seat in the class!!!


Oh I am in for the win. I signed up for this course, started it and was not able to complete it due to health/family and work issues. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Hi Karen, I would love to win a spot in your class! Thanks for the opportunity!

Tanya A

Oh please oh please oh please! *grin* I would love to be a lucky winner of a seat in your class. Thank you for offering the opportunity!


Would love to win a spot....but just hoping to get it at all!


This was a great class! Thanks for the opportunity to win and audit seat!


wow..i've been wanting to sign up for a while now but can't justify the money with my husband out of work for six months. Sounds awesome as always. Love your photography!

Shaylee balls

Oohhhh! Pick me, pick me! So exciting! ;)


I'd love to win a spot Karen!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Winning a spot to audit your class would be a Dream Come True!!! Crossing my fingers and anything else crossable. ;-) Thanks for the chance, Karen!!


OMG! A spot in your class would rock! Thanks for the chance!

Cheryl M

Hi Karen - I took your class awhile back but I'd LOVE the chance at the auditing seat to refresh and continue learning! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

Melissa DeFee

Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Please!!!?? It would be awesome birthday is Tuesday!!


Would love to win a seat Karen!

katherine johnson

You are so talented and I've heard amazing things about your class!! I can't wait to learn from you!


oh man ... what an end-of-the-school-year gift it would be to get a seat! :)


Oh man I'd love to win!!! Thanks for the chance!

Jayne Saunderson

Karen, I would love to win an auditing spot as a gift for my son's teacher. She is retiring next week and would love to learn photography. I know she would love your class. Thanks so much. Jayne

Megan S

Would love to learn more from you! Thanks for the opportunity!

Marilyn Tschorke

Thanks for the chance to win Karen! My photography skills would benefit SO much from auditing your class!

Tamara Hamula

That sounds great, good luck everyone!

kathleen p.

It would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!!!


I am already in your class and would like to enter my sister-in-law. With 3 small kids, this would be a great gift for her. Thanks for the chance.

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