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Debbie Gaudin

I love all of those pictures but that last one is sooooo sweet!!


Love the ones of Coley & Annie! And Cole is quite handsome with that haircut! We'll be at Diamond Lake on Fathers Day, any chance Josh Downs and the fam will be there?!!

Libbi M.

love all the photos. thank you for sharing.

kristi hobson

Ashland has the most beautiful park. Great images!

kathy b

Now, (since the class) every photo you post becomes another chance for learning. Thanks. Love that last one.


Gorgeous photos and a handsome haircut on Cole!! I'm a fan of short hair on boys. Lovin it!! And the photo of him holding his sister. Just makes me swoon:)


Gorgeous photos, as always but love the last two photos of Cole and Annie. So sweet.


That tree is amazing...what a beautiful park!!

jennifer Camplin


Penny in Virginia

So cute. Second from last melted me on the spot. You're family is so blessed.

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