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OMG I love the first one of Annie filling the bucket with the tap, all casual like.


You even make a dirt pile look amazing. :) I'd find those calves distracting too.

Sam F

Annie is looking so tall! Great pics! What fun.


Annie must have sprouted because her legs look so long and she looks so grown up all of a sudden!! Mud pies in our backyard are some of my favorite memories as a kid. We use to haul them around in our moon wagon. Totally dating myself!


Yeah...gotta say...those calves are pretty good looking. Annie is adorable as usual.


glad to hear/see that Josh Downs is doin' ok now, no more cast.

You're on a roll with these blog entries, luv it!

Enjoy the summer!

Tracy are right! Same thing when Jeff is out working...why do they get such nice legs?? Love the pics of Annie and Coley....the bucket pics are great!


Oh you love struck teenager you!!!! Love the photos, kids and dirt a happy combination (not for the clothes though). I got a cup of tea in a cup the other afternoon made of dirt from my 5 year old....they just love it and I love it that they can get dirty and be kids.


Oh My Gosh that Annie -- that child is just sooo adorable and her expressions crack me up!!


Some of the best fun is the cheapest and can be found right at home, creating memories. Great pictures as usual. TFS


Karen... Your comments where great... Annie and the back up dancer thing was sooo funny almost spit out my coffee... Thanks for the laugh, hope you have an awesome day... :-)


Oh how I miss those kinda days. How cute are they?

Sarah N

HAHAHAHA!!! I was completly expecting the calf comment before I scrolled down to it! ;)
The photos are amazing!......and I'm so darn jealous of your porch!


These are awesome! What great memories!!!


A Brittney Spears backup singer, that made me spit out my coffee! And yes, the nekkid calf is much better than one with a cast on it! Glad to see Josh Downs is feeling better! ;)

Tammy Mellish

I don't know where the heck I've been, but Annie went and grew all up on me! Wow, she's really grown up tall and just looks so much older! Sorry Karen :( !! And that's quite a bit of work going on around your house! I really don't know how you do it all. I have nothing to complain about around here. My aunt and uncle just bought a new house and have whipped it into shape in just over a month- in time to have a fabulous party over the weekend. I can't even get our dining room painted! I do feel like I'm living the life of a single mom most days, but I'm betting that you would have ran circles around me back when you were a single mom too!! I admire you so much :)

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