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teresa b

super cute!


yeah for summer! :)


Don't you just love it!!! This picture....adorable. I just love how Courtney Lee is holding Annie's hand. Hope summer is wonderful for you and your family:)


They are getting so big!


Looks like fun to me!! Gotta love summer :)


My summers are changing as my girls are now teenagers. I miss the simple summer days of day camp and swimming at the local pool! Enjoy!


Great photo lovely to see some posts even the one photo ones. Kathy A, Brisbane

jennifer Camplin


Love this snapshot!!

Summer.. please slow down!


summertime means it's pouring with rain.That's the UK for you!My new camera and lens were stolen from a burglary at my house this week.It took lots of camera envy during your workshop to buy it,and now I'm back to a point and shoot,again.Just as I'm off to Paris and a holiday with fab light in Spain.

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Such happy shots, and the color is wonderful. Wondering if you are using LR2 much. I am full of questions about it,( I have the S. Kelby book) and wondered if you knew of a good online resource for digging in and learning it.
Have a great weekend.

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