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Love the bunny helmet!


LOL! The biting pic cracks me up! Love all the shots!


Fun!! Love that b & w of Annie being Sad Sally...too cute.


What nice pictures and beautiful kids! That's neat you live near a great bike path and restaurants.

I've been enjoying your blog. Thanks!


I love that Annie's bike attaches to Josh's! What a cool contraption ... does her front wheel not touch the ground?? It looks like she's popping a wheely in the last photo! Hah!

jennifer Camplin

Happy Riding!!


great photos and I couldn't help but laugh at the B&W one of annie sitting on her own after getting into trouble. Cracked me up..... Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Libbi M.

love them all! Tell Annie her bike helmet looks so cute on her.

Stephanie Ackerman

LOVE the way Annie's helmet teeters on her head...that is where Ben got the nick name "Pierre"..his helmet was ALWAYS crooked and he looked like a little french man!

levaquin online

We get to ride our bikes to Medford for dinner. Annie got a new helmet (from Target.) By the time we got to the pizza parlor, Annie was cranky because her allergies were acting up. And then she bit her...


just love your family shots. well, ALL of your shots.

kathy b

Annie's helmet is just so funny! I have to get one.

thanks for all the great lighting examples.(For this week's subject).

Kathy b

Tanya A.

Delightful!! :)


i love how your pictures inspire me to BE with my family. if i am sitting on the computer reading what other people are doing then i can't take any pictures. that said, i will always check your blog. annie makes me laugh.


Oh Karen, i love your photography, i love AnnieĀ“s new helmet. Your kids are so cute! Thanks for the insight in your life!
Many greetings from Germany


Like everyone else...looooving the sad shot :0
Oh man...I am soooo glad I am doing your photography class...I love the feeling in your photos!

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