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awesome photo. when he gets married some day, you'll look at this picture and tear up. :) :)


Wow! Now we know who the more giving person is in your marriage! ; ) Love the eyes in your photo.

Wendy M.

First of all, you look like Coley's sister not his mom! :) Second of all, that was mighty big of you to recognize how much it meant for Josh to pick him up. Big wife points on that one my dear. So glad the kid had a great camp.


How sweet that Josh wanted to pick him up by himself! I don't know if I could have stepped aside!
Great picture!

Ellen Patton

It sounds like he's having a great summer!


That's a great shot...I love it! So glad camp was fun.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

What a sweet great picture!

Michelle Last

what a wonderful photo and a treasured memory. I am sure you have been told LOTS but you are looking fabulous. At least 10 years younger in this shot so about 21 by all accounts. Definitely more his sister than his mum x


Karen this is such a wonderful picture of you two! Congratulations on letting Cole go to camp for an entire week - that's tough for us Moms. So glad to hear that he enjoyed it! Have a very happy 4th!

nancy in ks

Karen, you are looking healthy, gorgeous, and I still want to see your arm someday. To be able to hold a heavy camera with one hand and get such a sharp shot...I sin and am jealous.

It makes me emotional to watch Coley grow up here on this blog. You and Josh are super great parents and your kids are reflecting that.


Thanks for the encouragement! We dropped off our 5th (soon to be 6th) grader off for camp on Sunday. He was fine for weeks and weeks and then got nervous about 30 minutes before they left. Tears and an upset stomach didn't persuade me to let him stay (even though he did ask). I've since heard that he's having a great time and can't wait to hear his stories!

Christian Louboutin High Heels

Such fun times and great memories for these girls to share!! I love the hanging hearts in Annie's room! Is her bed made from an old door?

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