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Stephanie C.

hang in there sweetie! it happens, and all we can do is our best!


I always love how real you are!


i love you and love that my house isnt the only one.


Some days are just easier than others when you're a parent!! You do make me smile though, I love reading your posts!


oh man. Heart attack! So glad he was fine. Until you got a hold of him! ; )

Julie McD

laughing. with you, of course! We are all great, aren't we? Thanks for sharing so I know I'm in good company! :)


Wanting to be so grown I'm sure aged you 50 years in 10 mins when you discovered he had left. I do love the teacher's word "misplaced"... ummmm love to be a fly on the wall when that kid gets home from camp!!! It's about loving and protecting them hey which is why we worry hey. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Lisa Edney

Totally have me chuckling here... can 100% relate! I have done that same panic and probably would have locked myself out of the house, too! Glad all turned out well.


That was sort of my day yesterday, I grabbed the wrong waterbottle, it was filthy. So I went back to the house and realized I'd left a dog outside. By herself. I went in got the dog in, got a clean waterbottle and went to leave. As I locked the door, and pulled out the key, the lock and it's innards came with the key.

Stacey H

been there...done that. love your stories! makes me feel more human and not the only "mad" mom out there!



it stinks when they want to be able to go on their own, my boy is 9 1/2 and would travel the world on his own if i would let him!

kimberly minyard

LOVE your post! I know it was not funny at the time, hoping you found humor in it later.


I think all Mom's are with you on this one Karen! I know I am. That is so funny though ( after the fact... of course ) !


:) Chuckling with you, Karen! You've got a beautiful family.


After reading this... I had a good laugh. I truly understand how you feel. I have 10 yr old daughter and I still haven't allowed her to walk by herself to go to school when it is only 5 minute walk.

nancy in ks

Shades of Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts. Remember that? (well, it's sort of the same...)

Julie in Aust.

Had a little giggle too Karen...I love that during the 1/4 mile walk you changed from cranky to seeing the funny side...and you locked yourself out...laughed a little at that!
One of those days huh...just gotta smile and let it all go...

Kim S.

so you went from being mad at Coley to being mad at yourself, I bet! hehehehehe...we've all done it. As I was yelling at my kids for making unnecessary messes yesterday and dramatically wiping the counters, I hit a full cup of Hawiaan Punch, which spilled and splattered own unnecessary mess.


I love than I'm not the only one who conjures up all the worst case scenarios in every situation . . .


Amen for Annie knowing what happen though! I am so with you on freaking out. Glad I'm not the only one. lol

Our oldest didn't come home from school one day. Some sort of mix up with his Dad's family. (We share too). He was expected at our house after school. We live a stones throw from the school so he should have been home asap. When I noticed how much time had past, I bolted for the door. I was thinking I would run into him on the way. He was no where, no kids were out walking anymore. By the time I got to him in the school office I was crying. The office gals were very sweet about it. lol Even my kid gave me a hug and comforted me. lol


no need to explain. your a mom. that's what we do. and then we laugh.


I seriously could have told that story line by line except that I probably would have called 911 instead of the school! LOL!


love that you can admit these moments and LAUGH at them too...


I know it was not funny at the time

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