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Sarah van Wijck

Glad I'm not the only one :) But often it's the goofy ones that years down the track become my favourites because they tell the story and (in the case of my kids) their personalities!


The last shot is a keeper!! And I must tell you it never "kids" still do that at 25 and 20!!

mandy friend

way cute, where is annie's dress from? and where the heck has ross been hiding?


The second and third ones are priceless. :) Love the last one too, but the "real" ones are my faves.

Christine David

Because you get "perfect" photos like #3!


I love the ones that aren't perfect...the kids personalities are fun to see!

Bernadette Rees

Me too - I have to take like 20 shots before I get even one shot to be my "emotionally perfect one"


Oh, but the out takes are the best and always tell the finest stories! You have a beautiful family.

dawn clement

love the second one...if looks could kill! =)


They are all perfectly wonderful!


I love them all!


oh c'mon now.... they are ALL keepers! :) group them all on a wall, with the last one a big one in the middle. and you've got ART! :)


I gave up trying a long time ago and I only have 2! BUT i like the before shots know...those where they are relaxed and show them being themselves...gotta love it.


I love them all but that last one is precious!


Ross knows how to keep it real! So funny!!!


I have the same trouble and I only have 2 of them...I love the last shot, it looks so casual and relaxed probably because they had mucked around with 100 shots before...still worth persuing the shot of the 4 of them. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I feel your pain LOL! Great shots by the way.

jennifer Camplin

As well you wouldn't give up to keep trying.

Lovely kids!!

teresa b

hahahaha I have a million shots like that too.. and they whine and complain. So I tell them.. the sooner I get my shot the sooner you can go..seems to work for me!! hahahaha

Colleen McMenamin

Because you may just have one decent photo by Christmas!


I happen to think they're all perfect! One of my fave of my boys is when my oldest is practically strangling his brothers in a hug. It's just who they are! Too sweet!

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