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mandy friend

laughing*** i swear josh and jerad would get along just fine. jerad hates his picture even on the blog. so on second thought, maybe josh is more chillaxed;) looks like fun! haven't been tubing in forever!

Libbi M.

love them all... thank you for sharing.

Nancy Wyatt

You can add my hubby to the list that Mandy has started, ha!

Karen, I love these photos, I'm reading your blog as I eat lunch at my desk and I keep laughing out loud. Uhmmm, I'm in a cube and so must make mental note, *read Karen's posts with caution. LOL You know if you never told us that the lighting/photos weren't great we wouldn't know it *wink. Thanks for sharing, love these all!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I've been loving all your summertime photos! have a wonderful summer and keep on sharing!

Ellen Patton

2 words: FUN summer!


great photos! looks like you all had so much fun!


Fun, fun, fun!! Love them all!!


Oh my gosh, I just about spit my iced coffee out reading your comment about Josh ... composition is so much more important! LOL!

Moriah Bettencourt

hee hee! At Disneyland in the CA Adventure park there is a carousel that is all sea creatures. When Alex was little he loved it! But there is also a large painting of King Tritan behind it & in every adorable shot of my kid was a GIANT nipple the size of Alex's head. We cracked up at all of those nipple shots. LOL Love the rest of the pics, expecially that last one & Cole on the tube!

teresa b

hahahaha love you favorite and the one with Cole and Annie!!

Kendall Brunson

I'm so grateful that you posted these. My dad always takes us out on his boat in the summer. We love tubing!
It helped me so much to see what lenses you used for tubing shots. I can't wait for the 4th now!


Just can't get enough of all that BLUE!!! Just so beautiful. Looks like a perfect day on the lake!


The best....I had looked forward to seeing the "bayliner" pics. Enjoy these fleeting days.


What a great time and fabulous shots!! So glad to see you in a couple of them too (prove that mom enjoyed the day too). That last one took my breath away. I almost spit my drink out when I read Annie's life vest though....Ho Sports. Really?!?! Too funny!!

Helen Walsh

Love the annual shot of Cole - so lovely!! He's a superstar!


I'm glad Annie is thinking of everyone else when she leaves one strawberry behind.


Annie and her strawberries remind me of my daughter who was also a strawberry expert. She called them "debbies" though. we never quite figured that one out. Also, I'm letting you know that my candid photos have improved mucho since the class!


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