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i wish my best photos looked as good as your "not the best photos." :)


I loooove the picture of Annie on the swing!

Beach Coast Style

You guys always look like you're are having so much fun and you gone on some of the coolest little trips and their never really far from home. I have to discover in my own backyard a bit more I see.


Love the birdhouses nailed to the tree!

Cori Turner

Love all the fun pics! How about an update on Mom's new kitten? :)


is that a snoopy band-aid on Annie? cute!

love the pictures as always. :D

Nancy Wyatt

Great summer photos! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Libbi M.

love them all. it's nice seeing calli in one of the photos. was wondering if ross was still dating her.


Intrigued at your Spring ?change in colour palette! Enjoyed sharing the picnic. ;-)


Love the shot of your boys!!! And I see making faces at the camera runs in the family. ( it runs in ours too!! )

Gretchen C

loved your BBQ photos!! :) just wondering...are you still shooting in manual or did you go back to AP?? I did manual for a while~but LOVE my AP setting :)

Cori Barney

you're family looks awesome!
I need to know the "make and model" of Cali's sunglasses. Those are fabulous!


Great photos!


that little man of yours is so darn cute (Coley)


and the grandpa smooch laid on annie...♥ it!


Karen, I look at your pictures and always see this one thing that is so tangible that you can almost feel it, touch it right through the computer screen.


Thanks for always sharing it all, good, bad, happy, sad. Your blog title is so dead on. Snapshots of a GOOD life being well lived. Hugs!

Nike Air Max

Yay to all the fun adventures to which you've committed! Such a fun array of them! Love it! There is a group of us doing Danskin in Seattle also...we'll have to keep our eyes open for you! :)

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