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I know! I've been reading your blog since way back and we were pregnant together :) ha! I had my son, Liam, in December of 2005. I can't wrap my head around the thought that my baby is going to be going to kindergarten!! Yikes! BTW... Annie looks SO grow up in that picture.


My heart aches! My baby graduated kindergarten the day before yesterday too!, She is so ready to grow and asking for makeup! Why oh why?

Kathy C.

Isn't it AMAZING how 5 years have just FLOWN by? :)


That is crazy!! Time goes way too fast...this time next year Jimmy will be ready to go into his senior year at college....that's my baby and that's CRAZY!!!

Stephanie C.

Wow! I can't believe how long I've been reading your blog, and falling for your beautiful family! Congratulations to sweet Annie! (and hang in there mom!)


And this photo IS the reason your blog is so wonderful...seeing the growth and the years flying by in front of us, and remembering the days when our kids were doing the same things..and now we can re-live the days again, and love it all over again. I so LOVe your photos, and seeing your family on its journey of change and growth is a precious gift. Thank you!

ana roat

It seems like last year this time, my kindergartner Rebekah was playing with baby dolls and now she's waiting for her first "babydoll" to be born. 30 years went by with a blink of an eye and what a party it's been. Your kiddos are wonderful and so is your blog!


They grow up so fast! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, relaxing Memorial weekend!


She looks so much like you!


O graduation! What a whirlwind of fun!!! It is crazy to think....not that long ago she was just a beginner! :)
-Miss Kori

Sharon Cooke

I can't tell you how relieved I am to learn that Annie is not yet a grad kindergartener. I got worried when I first saw the pic. Time is flying by fast enough without Annie being out of baby scool already!


love love love all the pictures you take. Just think in 15 years all the Bon Jovi's and Lady's Gaga's of then, will have tons of grade school pics because of all the grade school moms who scrapbook!!

Martha - EP

she has grown up on your blog,it's amazing.

Karen, how do you manage to scrapbook for your family, process photos, teach photography, travel, etc., etc.? Do you have a designated scrapbook for each of your kids?

Love your work!

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