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I don't think it was boring at all... I loved reading it just the same.
I like it when you blog, so please continue to write even if they are boring stuff, I don't mind :)


"perfection is so overrated" that, karen. :)


I miss you like crazy Karen Russell. I love your posts and never consider them boring. Please don't forget to post your Spring Break pictures. Without trying to sound stalk-ish, I actually saw you and your lovely family at the tree-houses and I got all socially aqward and excited like I was seeing celebrities. I was SO excited texting my Mom (who also follows your blog) and telling my family all about you. Man, I just wanted to hug you or something. Ok, so now that I've probably creeped you out, I would love to see your family's treehouse experience through your lens.

Ellen Patton

I would love to take some family photos at that mill!

Annette Kuusinen

You're not alone in the short department. Except I am trying to buy shorts for a tall leggy 8yo. There isn't much out there this year. If they aren't long enough, she can't wear them to school. I guess it will be skirts & legging. :)


Love those {imperfectly} perfect photos! Glad to see you back; don't ever worry about a posting boring stuff...we love it!!!
Also: one suggestion for shorts that won't be too short: Lands' End. They sell Lands' End clothes at Sears around here, but for wonderful, cute children's clothes, check them out online.


i love your imperfect blog posts and pictures. because to me they are perfect, because they are you. that is why i continue to keep your blog in my reader, because you are true to yourself and never stray from yourself. looks like a fun hide-and-seek.... such a care-free age that i miss. wow do things change as we grow up. glad to know i'm not the only one who puts my camera down sometimes for weeks at the time.


Seriously, your blurry shots are better than my perfect ones! And now I want to go to Ashland, Oregon and I've never even heard of Ashland, Oregon before! Lemon-Ricotta Stuffed French Toast YUMMO!


seriously - not boring at all. and seriously - what is up with the short shorts? i am having the same problem. i probably bought the same ones you bought at Old Navy.

teresa b

totally not boring!! so love it!! and looks like the kiddos were having a ton of fun!! love courtney's hair..she's adorable!! along with all the other kiddos!! hee hee

tamara dunkin

hey, Karen! i feel the same way about kids' shorts (they are TOO short). try the JUMPING BEANS brand at Kohls. they're frequently on sale for 1/2 price and they carry a BERMUDA shorts line (aka: LONGER!)!!! you might have to up Annie a size (i've had to do that with my daughter) but it's worth it!!

Nina Diane

Hi Karen!
most of my post on my blog are boring and I have very few followers but I have my blog as my family journal. Not too long ago, I had my blog from the first year, 2007, printed into a hard bound book. My grown kids have been having so much fun reading it. My SIL read it to my husband while he was in the hospital recovering from his stroke.

My life is very different now that the kids are grown...but fun! and all of those little boring details are so easy to forget. I wished I had a blog when my kids were young. Oh what fun it would be now. So you just keep blogging.....if for anything, for you and your kids to read later.

have fun.......


I'm totally with you on the too short shorts for my almost 4 year old. However, I've recently found bermuda shorts at Kohls (if you have one where you are~if not they do have a website) and stocked up.


I wasn't bored at all. And I wish my weekend were as jam pack with family as yours was.


Hey Karen...I just love your posts boring or not. And I must say i don't think they are boring at all...i love your blog! Your blog is real, it's about life and we all know life is never boring ( especially with a husband and kids!!!) love u...happy mother's day! ( a day late)


Oh Karen, I am also a prudish, over protective mother who HATES all the short shorts and belly shirts that girls are wearing.....I loaded up on short from Lands' End and they are the perfect length!
Good luck!
and I agree, perfection is WAY overrated!


FYI...Kohls has a brand of clothing called Jumping Beans that includes clothing priced at very reasonable prices. They have bermuda shorts that allow this overprotective mama to be very pleased!


Remember the "everyday life" is our life and that in itself is special....cute photos playing hide and seek. Story telling is also a part of it and you definately told a story.....I could just picture you all standing in that line with your lips chomping at the bit for breaky....great to hear from you again....


Welcome back! I've missed you!

jen in p

i agree on the short shorts and my girly is only 2! i did find some bermuda style shorts at carters that work great.


You are never boring, a slice of life is what I see!

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style

It's so overrated! If I lived so perfectly, I might not ever get anything done because i would be working so hard to get all perfect

Terry D.

Karen, I love all your posts and find NONE of them boring. I wish I had a family who loved being together like your family does. Please adopt me?

mandy friend

glad i'm not the only one who thinks little girlsa shouldn't be showing too much! i make my daughter who's 7 wear one piece suits as well!


Thanks for sharing. I had a *perfect* weekend too. I love your shots- so nice to see the blue sky! Looks like you had perfect weather.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you're never boring Karen! we love when you take us along. And it may not have worked out exactly the way you planned, but it definitely worked out. Enjoy every minute!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read about your daily life because it is so different from our life in Germany; I love to read English, to read all the shops' names and to learn about just how you spend the days - and I really missed you! So happy you're back!
Thank you for sharing all that!!!
Yours sincerely


I love that you embrace real life!


Boring! How totally boring to see your big and little kids playing so well together. How totally boring to hear that you spent a lovely, not perfect weekend with family. I wish my life was so boring!


You better keep blogging! Thats what I come here for-those perfectly imperfect(not so) boring posts! I love them. And you've got 3 inches on me...lucky you~


your favorite shots were my favorites too ;)

glee stormont

it's true; the minutea (okay how do ya spell that?) is the stuff that your great grandchildren will want to know about one day. Wouldn't you just love to really just read your great gramma's blog today?? those little details that we take for granted will be all different; they'll be "oh, look they shopped at a store called Old Navy..."


Oh Karen- I, the everyday blog reader, was very entertained by your post! And I'm not just saying that. You are a very good writer. I could just picture Josh and the guys crawling out of their pitiful tents, grouchy and wet! And I love the hide and seek pics- what an amazing backdrop. Keep it up, Karen! :)

karren hubrich

Great photos and a fun place to play! I loved reading about your recent challenges. Not boring at all. My daughter gets all of her girls shorts, and most of their clothing online at Lands End.


Thank you for sharing that the everyday can be the best blessings. (Because they are!)


There is NOTHING imperfect about anything that you shared here. It's a perfect version of life as it is. I love that you both embrace it, and that you choose to share it with the cyberworld. Happy belated Mother's Day!


Karen-I want to let you know that you inspire me on so many levels. I know you've had a rough little while and I've read your blog and studied your photos and tried to telepathically connect with you and let you know that you have a sister here in Texas supporting you.
You've improved my photography so much--not that I've been able to take your classes, but, I think I've improved my 'eye' and composition abilities not to mention umphing up the color intensity! I marvel at how there are always many colors and patterns in your photographs and try to accomplish the same with textures and shades of colors.
I had an opportunity to photograph people for the first time last month (a friend's wedding) and I have to say, I did a pretty good job. It helped that I truly loved the people involved and I realized that photographing animals and people aren't much different from one another--people just move faster!!!
Keep on posting--I will be here reading!!


I love your "boring" posts :)


Karen, FYI I too am a bit pruddish and always make sure the shorts MG wears pass muster. No short shorts for her thanks you. Pedal Pushers seem to be our friend. They had a great selection at J C Penneys. Happy Mothers Day! Bonnie G

Carolyn Hall

Love these pics. You're editing process which was fine to begin with, has come so far. Your pictures are so clean and crisp. Could you remind me of the girl's name you trained with again. I remember a while back she was offering some kind of deal to your students......

I would love to know the process you are following.



Karen Thanks for sharing all of your future "Good ol days" memories with us...that is what a fun life is made up of. I loved all of your perfectly imperfect caught the joyful spirit of your kids being kids. Happy Mother's day to you!


Oh and one more thing...I HATE the short shorts that they are trying to sell to our sweet little girls. Our rule is put your arms down by your sides and if the shorts are shorter than where your finger tips come they are TOO's their schools rule and our home rule too!


This blog is YOUR story baby! We love the photos, adorable families, and awesome stories...but at the end of the day? Its all yours. :) Keep on with the imperfectly perfect.


Sometimes it is not that boring to get a little peek into the lives of other people. :)

Your photos are gorgeous

Misty Hofbauer

I just want you to know that as I lay on my bed, with tears streaming down my face, I find myself checking your blog, sure that you will post something reminding me that I am not the only one who goes through days liek this. :)
Just thought I would share, that you are inspirational to me!

Kate in Australia

Dear Karen,

I am so glad you are back blogging. It is the telling of the simple things in your life and the gorgeous photography that keeps me coming back to your blog. So glad you found some shorts that you appove of. Your children all look as though they were having a wonderful time at Josh's parents place.

Dear Josh,
Hammock tents! I need details. I had been considering a swag for my hubbys birthday but we are both turned off by how bulky they are. Do people have swags in the US or is that an Aussie thing? After reading Karen's post I have researched hammock tents and need to know if you managed to keep warm enough or did you suffer with a cold back, shoulders and arms? So many reviews are concerned about the lack of insulation. Hammock tents are not common in Australia and only one place stocks one model of the Hennessy range so I have no one else to ask for advice. We have been looking for something simple for him to use when there is only him and not the entire family. This looks like it could be a goer!

Hug your wife for me. She brings so much to my life without even knowing it. And hey if she post a piture with you in it, well that's just a bonus :-)


Gosh, I have missed you!

I must be pretty boring because I really enjoyed this post! Ha! I'm pretty sure I'll always enjoy whatever you write!


Hi Karen,

I found great shorts @ JC Penney for my 10yo. I, too, am against those short shorts-call me prudish too! Their shorts are longer shorts (above the knee-bermuda???) and ever so cute. They had jean shorts the same length but my daughter preferred the plaid ones, so many great choices. So if you have a JC Penney near you then try that place.

I'll have to check out Ferndale, looks like my kind of town (I love quaint towns)- maybe on our next trip out west that's we're we'll head for a vacation.


Karen where are you guys! The weather looks PERFECT!!!!
-Miss Kori


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